Maryland Tax Attorney

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Tax attorneys can help resolve tax problems for businesses and individuals. Tax attorneys will help file tax returns, assist in filing for bankruptcy, aid in fraud investigation, reduce unfair tax levies, and diminish debt by in compromise. A seasoned tax attorney should handle tax litigation, resolve divorce-related tax disputes, assist during IRS audits, and help reduce personal liability for employment taxes.

If you are faced with an IRS audit on your tax return or an IRS seizure of your assets, an experienced Maryland tax defense attorney will offer competent legal representation over disputes with the state taxing authorities. In the event of criminal charges initiated by the IRS, a reliable tax attorney should offer the right solution to resolve the legal charge. The tax audit attorneys should be able to provide you with detailed information on your tax liability and help substantiate that the IRS gave sufficient notice before proceeding with any legal action.

Maryland tax audit lawyers can also guide you through tax-related investigations and disputes, or litigate tax controversies if you are approached by an IRS representative. A professional tax controversy attorney will help avoid any serious consequences of an inquiry including a foreclosure of properties. Being represented by an experienced Maryland tax attorney will ensure that you can take immediate steps to prevent the freezing of corporate bank accounts and arrange for the elimination of liens on your accounts.

If a corporate business faces tax-related investigations and audits, experienced defense representation is essential. The tax attorneys will negotiate the release of frozen bank funds and other garnishments and ensure that the company's rights are protected. If the company is faced with a notice of seizure from the IRS, the attorney can try to settle for a partial or full release of the company's funds. The attorney will help you avoid penalties through the use of available legal provisions such as coming up with installment agreements and determine your uncollectible status.

A skilled tax audit attorney can handle employment tax liability disputes and missed payroll tax payments or other fallouts such as a failure to report withholdings. If an IRS investigation is initiated because payroll tax payments are overlooked, the defaulter may incur penalties or even criminal liability. In such a situation, contact your local Maryland employment tax liability attorney for professional guidance. A seasoned tax attorney should be proficient in litigation skills, possess strong negotiating abilities, and aim to protect your rights and interests.

In cases of fraud, delinquencies, and evasion, a tax attorney is essential to a defendant's rejoinder. His intimate knowledge of Maryland tax law is vital. Oftentimes, these cases end in settlement outside of the courtroom. In the event of a trial, however, the attorney can effectively represent his clients using the research, investigation, and even consultations with tax officials. These devices combine to eventually form the basis of a defense that best benefits each individual client.

Prevention is another area in which a tax attorney can greatly assist his clients, both business and individuals. Prevention methods can also help businesses in the form of employment withholding and benefit planning. A tax attorney can use the law to his client's benefit, simultaneously avoiding common tax pitfalls.