Mississippi Tax Attorney

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Taxes are an important source of income for the economy, and when you owe the Federal government, or are unable to pay the IRS, life can become truly stressful. The IRS and the tax authorities implement strict policies and might take stringent action to ensure that tax dues are honored. This includes and is not limited to wage garnishments, tax levies, and seizure of bank accounts or fund sources. In such situations, an expert tax attorney can help you deal with the IRS by creating a payment plan and negotiating late fee and interest penalties.

You will need to hire the services of a qualified Mississippi tax attorney to be protected from IRS error or possible abuse. The IRS is known to frequently intimidate taxpayers who are not well-versed on tax laws or the audit and collection procedures of IRS. A tax attorney's representation is essential to aid in IRS appeals and litigation. In the absence of counsel from a tax lawyer, taxpayers have been known to overpay their tax liability. A skilled tax attorney will provide the required tax help in civil and criminal examinations to eliminate IRS liens, levies and garnishments, and in penalty abatement and tax refunds. You can also get tax relief for IRS tax debt and unfiled tax returns. A good tax lawyer can provide a strong tax fraud defense, help in installment agreements, corporate reorganizations and employee/subcontractor determinations. You can also use a tax attorney for relief in the case of Innocent Spouse tax relief in divorce cases.

A specialized IRS tax attorney practices in IRS problems and controversies, and will help resolve your tax problems by getting an Offer in Compromise and avoiding IRS tax liens. An Offer in Compromise service will enable you to settle for the lowest amount that the IRS will accept as the final settlement. A strong knowledge of IRS administrative practices will help minimize the opportunities the IRS has to return an offer case without resolution. A reliable Mississippi tax attorney should be able to draft a professional financial statement for presentation to the IRS. A tax attorney filing the Offer in Compromise will also prepare the legal memorandum necessary to resolve the case. The task of tax lawyers in Offer in Compromise cases is to force the IRS to follow the all of the legal and administrative procedures, as well as the Congressional mandate to the IRS to be liberal in OIC cases.

Prevention is another area in which a tax attorney can greatly assist his clients, both business and individuals. The Mississippi tax attorney does this with efficient estate planning, for example. Mississippi has inheritance laws that were unaffected by the federal estate tax phase-out. Proper estate planning can minimize the tax liability for many of the client's descendants. Strategic estate planning can also lighten the tax liability of some clients while they are living. Prevention methods can also help businesses in the form of employment withholding and benefit planning. A tax attorney can use the law to his client's benefit, simultaneously avoiding common tax pitfalls.

A tax attorney's job takes on many forms, but the result is still the same they work in the best interest of their clients. An intimate knowledge of the law is key, but it is the use of that knowledge that allows the tax attorney to do his job effectively. Those with tax trouble, as well as those with complex financial situation, should consult an attorney who is well-versed in Mississippi law. It is the best way to either avoid terrible tax situation or get out of one.