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Tax evasion and fraud occurs when an individual or business purposefully avoids paying obligatory federal, state, or local taxes. Some of these methods include overstating their deductions or declaring lesser income, gains, or profits than was actually attained. Tax evasion is a federal crime punishable by fines, prison time, wage garnishment, and asset forfeiture.

The Federal tax enforcement authorities aim at ensuring that all the tax owed to the state is collected within reasonable time frames. Taxpayers are therefore faced with the challenge of filing their tax returns in keeping with the applicable tax norms and deadlines. The IRS often uses powerful collection tools, and individuals may need to employ a reliable tax attorney to help in setting up payment arrangements and deciding on an IRS payment plan. This will help avoid any interest and penalties that may otherwise accrue on your tax debt and make payments to the IRS more manageable.

In many cases, the IRS-enforced collection actions are extreme, and they often resort to intimidation to ensure that payments are made. Taxpayers usually do not relish the possibility of an IRS audit. A tax professional may be able to assist taxpayers in responding to mail communications received for audits and also help draft the necessary documentation. A tax attorney can also represent taxpayers or help compile the correct information to be provided.

If you have been notified that you will face an audit, a tax attorney can help you prepare your financial records, prepare you for the process, and sit by your side throughout. For those charged with tax-related crimes, you may have no choice but to seek out an attorney to defend you. Small business owners and self-employed citizens can avoid a myriad of problems by ensuring that they are meeting their tax burden. The laws are complicated and change often, making the need for a tax professional necessary. They know the system and are able to decipher the many rules and regulations in a fashion that will benefit your case.

When faced with tax debt problems, taxpayers can claim economic hardship as a means to make time for payment to the IRS. Seeking legal assistance from an experienced Nevada tax attorney will ease pressure and help in managing tax debt adequately. Pursuing tax evaders with great seriousness is the cornerstone of the IRS, and the agency is not afraid to impose levies that can result in garnishment of bank assets and investments. Other modes of collection include property seizure and issue tax liens.

In situations such as wage garnishments, the taxpayer can negotiate for an Offer-in-Compromise with the IRS. The IRS may also be willing to settle for other agreements, such as an Installment Agreement or a partial-pay agreement to help the taxpayer clear tax liability over a period. In other circumstances, the tax attorney can help taxpayers file for bankruptcy, in which case the IRS cannot establish a levy on income or assets. A qualified tax lawyer will also be able to access the circumstances under which the IRS will accept penalty abatement petitions, and advise you accordingly.

Individuals may need to utilize the service of a reliable tax audit lawyer to come up with estate planning strategies. Businesses also frequently require a legal counsel to assist with their business deals and contracts. Hiring a qualified tax representative will help resolve issues and avoid serious litigation situations in clearing tax debts.