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The tiny state of Rhode Island has two options for state income tax filers: there is the graduated scale, which allows percentage that is based on income brackets, or the flat tax, which is one rate despite the tax bracket. Having a choice between the two options seems to be a luxury for most people, but for others, it is one of the state's laws that hold potential problems for residents. Consultation with a Rhode Island tax attorney can help stave off any problems before they become such, or before your face ends up on the list of Rhode Island's most delinquent taxpayers.

Navigating the tax laws alone is never an option that a private citizen or business should undertake, especially in the event of an audit or delinquency. A Rhode Island Tax attorney is prepared to assist in taking on the tax system. He uses his expertise in the state's tax laws and his skills as a litigator to represent each client effectively. Each case is tailored to the clients needs. The defense of a client dealing with delinquent taxes is much different from the defense of an employer who neglected to pay his payroll taxes. For both business and private clients, the tax attorney devises a strategy that best suites the case and the client.

With federal and state laws constantly changing their complexity and grounds, only those with expertise and experience can truly decipher them. And that is why you need a professional who is well-versed in the language and procedures of revenue collection organization. If you own a small business or are self-employed, then you should review your records with a tax attorney doing so will ensure you are meeting all tax obligations. Having an account is only one component of staying in line with your taxes; an experienced tax attorney reviewing and preparing your records for an audit and standing by you though any IRS investigations is an additional component, and such attorneys can do what accountants can not. If you are being audited by the IRS, it is important to remember that you still have rights. A tax attorney is the perfect person to protect and fight for those rights.

The negotiations outside of court are often the most important proceedings in a tax case. A sharp tax attorney can often negotiate successfully with Rhode Island state tax officials to obtain a favorable solution for the client. The result is usually a settlement, which includes a reduced penalty, sentence, or fine. The settlement may also involve a removal of garnishments, liens, or seizure proceedings. A tax attorney only settles if the client's benefits from the agreement. Otherwise, the case is set for trial.

The tax attorney's job also includes a great deal of planning. The lack of inheritance and estate taxes remove the need for estate planning for tax reasons; however, it is still done to ensure that the client's descendents are considered. Businesses also undertake tax planning to prepare for payroll taxes and benefit withholdings.

A Rhode Island tax attorney is a taxpayer's advocate before and after an issue occurs. A consultation with a tax attorney may save the potential client time, money, and the hassles that come from tangling with the Rhode Island tax laws.

You want the attorney with the most experience in your situation and a long background of dealing with the state revenue department or the IRS. When you find an attorney you feel comfortable with, be sure you understand the payment plan and what is expected of you.