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If you are facing difficulties with the IRS, the first person you should have on your speed-dial is your tax attorney. Dealing with the IRS and the federal government over tax issues is not an easy prospect to face. It is likely you made an honest mistake or were unable to pay a tax debt and yet you are made to feel like a criminal. It may be time to hire a tax attorney to help protect your rights and figure a way out of your problem that will keep you out of jail and still maintain your reputation while settling your debts the right way.

Recently in Tennessee, a man was convicted of and indicted for six felony counts of sales tax frauds. He was the owner of two companies, and collected $22,044 in sales tax from business transactions, and intentionally did not report it or pay this to the state. He was ordered to pay back the full amount as restitution, as well as to perform 50 hours of community service, and will be on probation for six years.

The state tax laws of Tennessee and the federal tax law can be confusing, which is why many people rely on accounts to do their taxes for them. Those who choose not to hire an accountant are facing an uphill battle. When you are dealing with a large debt that will never go away it is often necessary to find a way out on your own. A competent tax attorney can find ways to reduce the debt, stop or reduce your fees and set up a payment plan that you can handle. Tax laws are always changing, and you'll need help to keep up on all the new requirements. This is especially true if you own a business. Often hiring a tax attorney to review you records a couple of times a year can keep you out of trouble and save you a lot of grief. You should consider this a good investment in your business.

Filing your tax return at the appropriate time is very important to avoid hassles with the IRS at a later date. The IRS can also initiate criminal proceedings for non-filing of tax returns. Filing your tax returns will ensure that you qualify for an Offer in Compromise or seek a tax bankruptcy if required.

Your tax attorney may be able to negotiate a deal with the IRS for a settlement on older debts. This can actually save you money in the end, because you may be required to pay back only a certain percentage of the actual debt. The IRS has the power to jail you, seize your property and garnish your wages to name a few. You can have greater control of your future with the help of a reputable tax attorney. Your rights should not disappear just because you owe taxes, and a tax attorney can ensure your rights are protected through the whole process. Find a tax attorney who has extensive experience with the IRS and a proven track record of helping his or her clients.

A tax attorney deals strictly with tax related matters, and should have the utmost knowledge of the tax code, the IRS and the law. Many people don't file their taxes due to financial problems and end up in trouble, owing much more money than if they had just filed their taxes in the first place. The majority of these people are not knowledgeable about tax laws and postpone tax related obligations, which can result in serious tax problems later on.

You deserve the best representation that is out there. In many situations there is no other choice than to bring in a professional that knows their way around tax law and can provide the advice and knowledge that you need most at this time.