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There are a variety of situations where a tax attorney may be necessary; if you are facing an audit, a large tax debt, liens, garnishments, penalties, or alleged crimes, such as tax fraud or failure to file, you may need the services of an experienced tax attorney. It can be a frightening prospect to face the IRS or the Virginia state revenue department on your own. The laws and processes are complex, and for the average American, it can be nearly impossible to understand and decipher them all.

If you are one of the thousands of Americans living with a large tax debt, you know the IRS is not your average creditor. Instead, they can collect the debt using much more aggressive means than that of a credit card company or medical office. If you have failed to file, or have misrepresented your income or financial situation, you may be facing increasingly large fines. A tax attorney can petition to stop the fines and give you a chance to catch up. They can stop liens or wage garnishments, and possibly negotiate a settlement on your debt. It is unfortunate that an innocent mistake can put citizens in the position where they are made to feel like a criminal, but it is also true.

A tax attorney's area of expertise is, not surprisingly, tax. This means they deal strictly with tax-related matters, and they are of the utmost knowledge on all things tax.

With that expertise, tax attorneys can help the many people who don't file their taxes due to financial problems and end up in trouble. While the majority of those who do not file are not entirely knowledgeable about tax laws, attorneys are, and they can help get those obligations fulfilled.

A tax attorney can ensure your rights are protected and that you have options to correct your error. If you are a small business owner, you may want to invest in year-round tax attorney help. Avoiding costly tax errors can save you a lot of unnecessary heartache and potential fines. Even if you employ the services of an accountant, you could have a tax attorney review your records periodically to ensure you are meeting your obligations. The complexity of the tax system in America means most of us will need some help with our taxes and any follow-up audits or problems. Hiring a tax attorney as soon as you know there is a problem can save you from fines that tend to snowball. The sooner you can get experience on your side, the better off you or your business will be.

Federal and state tax laws are so dynamic and complex that only those with proper expertise and experience can decipher them. You need a professional who is well-versed in the language and the procedures of these revenue collection organizations. If you own a small business or are self employed, you should review your records with a tax attorney to ensure you are meeting all of your tax obligations.

When you hire a tax attorney, make sure they are members of the Virginia Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Verify that they have extensive experience with the IRS and make sure you understand the terms of payment before you sign any agreement.

Don't face this difficult situation alone. Being audited by the IRS does not mean your rights do not exist; find someone to protect them and fight for you. Getting a professional in your corner will allow you to put tax problems behind you.