Are Truck And Car Accident Cases Different

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In all probability, the differences between a car and truck accident case will be many. Different insurance coverages and the variety of negligible parties involved with truck accidents make such cases very complex.

Although both truck accidents and other auto accidents can result in injuries and death of the people involved in the accidents, there are many issues and factors that are typical of truck accidents that do not apply to other auto accidents.

Trucking companies, trucks, and truck drivers are heavily regulated and governed by federal laws in place to reduce the instances of truck accidents, thus increasing the safety on the roadways of America.

For instance, a truck driver needs to have a special license that is obtained after undergoing specific training. Truck drivers are also required to have specialized and formal education and information on how to handle and drive their trucks. A truck driver needs to have special instruction in driving a truck, loading and unloading it, and how to drive it safely. Such requirements are not needed of other vehicle drivers, other than having a standard license to drive.

So, if you have been injured in a truck accident and the driver of the truck did not have the required training, then you can sue the driver for violation of such rules. If the trucking company failed to provide their drivers with adequate instruction about operating the trucks, or if the company hired the truck driver without checking his or her credentials and driving qualifications, then you can also sue the trucking company for your injuries or any death resulting from the truck accident.

No such option is available in the case of accidents involving other vehicles and small cars, as the drivers of such vehicles are not regulated by any special laws, nor can you hold anyone responsible for such inexperienced drivers (other than the drivers themselves).

In addition to the above, there are many other federal rules and regulations that govern the entire trucking industry. Such rules include, but are not limited to, preventive maintenance and inspection of the trucks, specific driver documentation and conduct, checking and understanding brake performance, taking the mandatory rest period between driving shifts, keeping a driver's log book, conducting routine alcohol and drug testing, proper transportation of HAZMAT goods, etc.

If any truck driver or trucking company is in violation of the federal rules that govern them, and if such violation has resulted in the truck accident, then negligence can be, almost easily, proven, and your truck accident case becomes much stronger. In accidents involving other vehicles, there are no such rule violations to fall back on, making the proving of negligence and liability much more difficult.

Truckers are also required to carry certain minimum limits of protective insurance coverage. Because the injuries caused by truck accidents are typically more severe than injuries caused in other auto accidents, truckers and trucking companies need to have much more insurance coverage than is required by other vehicle drivers. In a truck accident case there is a lot more insurance money involved than there is in other types of auto accident cases.

More money available means you may be awarded more damages and compensation for injuries sustained from a truck accident. Working with a truck accident lawyer will help to ensure that you get all of the compensation you are entitled to.

As can be seen from the above, since a truck accident case can be so different from an accident involving any other vehicle or car, you should immediately consult with a truck accident lawyer, one who can guide you in the best direction regarding your truck accident case.


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