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In 2005, there were 3,407 large truck accidents in Arizona, with 126 of them being fatal and 1,624 resulting in injuries. Most of the accidents took place on Arizona interstates and highways. An Arizona truck accident lawyer is the ideal person to have on your side if you have been involved in a truck accident in Arizona . If you have sustained injury, damage, or even lost a loved one through a truck related accident that was the fault of the truck driver, you could be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries or losses. The person to determine this and to help you get your compensation is an Arizona truck accident lawyer.

All aspects of the trucking industry are regulated by law. Laws for obtaining commercial driver's licenses and rules for regulating them are in place to make sure only the most qualified drivers are stepping behind the wheel of these monstrous vehicles. Similar laws include scheduled maintenance and repair of trucks; safety operation measures; inspection laws for trucks and their loads; proper cargo security laws; rules regulating the transportation of hazardous (HAZ) materials (MAT); mandated alcohol and drug screening; mandatory training and instruction seminars. These laws can be enforced by both federal and state jurisdictions, and are all in place to design safer roadways.

You will find a number of lawyers in Arizona that specialize in truck accident litigation, and these Arizona truck accident lawyers have the necessary skills and experience to put together a solid lawsuit to get you compensation following your involvement in a truck related accident in Arizona. It is advisable to go through a lawyer that specializes in Arizona truck accident litigation because he or she will have all the up-to-date information regarding truck accident laws and statutes within the state.

Each and every truck accident case is different, thus settlement values will also differ on a case-to-case basis. There are many factors that will be considered in any individual truck accident settlement, including the extent of your injuries, the length of time it will take for your injuries to heal, the amount of time you will be absent from work, the strength of your case, the amount of insurance held by the negligent party, and the nature of the accident itself. More than one person can have the same type of injury, though one may suffer much more than the other. The amount one may receive in damages can also vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

In recent Arizona truck accident news, a fire truck was responding to an emergency call and ran through a red light, even though protocol calls for a stop at a red light, even with emergency lights and sirens on. A car was stopped in the middle of the intersection, and the fire truck driver attempted to maneuver around it at 25 mph, but ended up overturning the truck, sending five firefighters to the hospital. The driver of the fire truck was ticketed for his failure to reduce or control his speed to avoid an accident, and the driver of the car that was stopped in the intersection is unknown because they drove away, but they would have been ticketed for failure to pull to the right.

The compensation an Arizona truck accident lawyer may be able to get for you will often depend upon the circumstances surrounding the accident, as well as on the outcome of the accident. However, unless the responsible party readily admits fault, it can be very difficult to prove who was to blame. An Arizona truck accident lawyer will use his or her tools and resources to ensure that this matter is addressed in order to strengthen your lawsuit.

Whatever part of Arizona the accident occurred, a truck accident attorney could help to ensure that you get the compensation that is due to you and that you don't end up taking some or all of the blame for an accident that was not your fault. You should contact an Arizona truck accident attorney in the case of personal injury or in the case of wrongful death, where a loved on has been killed as the result of a truck related accident that was not their fault.


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