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Many road traffic accidents take place in California every year, and many of these involve trucks. California is a hugely popular state, which means that traffic can be very busy. This adds to the dangers posed on the road. In addition to this, the huge size and weight of trucks that travel along these roads can also increase the risk of serious injury and death in California .

Due to the rising number of fatigue-related truck accidents, the federal government has, after almost 60 years, changed the rules and duty hours for truck drivers. According to the new federal laws, no truck driver is legally permitted to drive more than 11 consecutive hours without taking a 10-hour break in between two driving shifts. A truck driver can clock a maximum of 14 hours at work, only 11 of which can actually be spent on the road.

A big truck is one that weighs a minimum of 10,000 pounds in gross weight. This is without accounting for any passengers or cargo. A fully loaded truck can weigh as much as 100,000 pounds and more. Trucks with multiple trailers can weigh a lot and also go up to 75 feet in length. Compare these proportions, to the size and weight of a small car, which weighs on average about 3,000 pounds, and you can easily understand why an accident with a big truck is likely to be far more dangerous.

Because of their immense size and weight, it is very difficult for big trucks to brake and stop suddenly. Even if they do brake, a truck requires much more space to come to a halt than small cars, which is why there are so many head-on and rear-end collisions with big trucks.

There are many truck accident lawyers in the state of California , and it is important to ensure that you seek assistance from an experienced California truck accident attorney if you have been injured as the result of a truck accident in California that was not your fault. California , like other states, has its own statutes of limitation when it comes to filing for legal action, so it is important to seek this assistance as early as possible to maximize your chances of getting compensation.

California has a 55 mph truck speed limit, but sadly this often gets ignored, resulting in injury or even death. There are many other reasons why truck accidents might occur, ranging from being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to vehicle defects and jackknifing. It can often be difficult to prove who was to blame in a truck accident, but with the help of an experienced California truck accident attorney you can build a solid lawsuit against the defendant.

In recent California truck accident news, three people were killed in a truck crash that occurred in a tunnel on an Interstate. A truck driver transporting coffee beans had lost control of his truck because of wet road conditions in the tunnel and hit a guardrail. This filled the tunnel with debris from the crash, and the truck itself caught on fire, causing a large inferno, killing three other motorists and causing a chain reaction crash, as well as causing heavy damage to the tunnel itself.

A California truck accident attorney will put together all the facts surrounding the accident to maximize your chances of success. As the direct family of someone that was killed in an accident involving a truck it is also important to contact a California truck accident attorney in order to ensure that the family is compensated for wrongful death.


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