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There are numerous truck-related accidents in the state of Delaware, although the death rate from such accidents seems to be fairly low compared to some other states. With fewer than 100 deaths resulting from truck related accidents between 1996-2000, the truck accident fatality rate is at the lower end of the scale for this state, but there are also numerous injuries caused by these accidents, some of them quite serious.

An estimated 5,000 people die as a result of truck accidents and collisions in the United States every year. With so many trucks on the road, it is not surprising that injurious and even deadly accidents occur so frequently. And the weight and size of these vehicles only increases the chance that accidents will be more serious. Another factor contributing to the number of truck accidents, and the injuries resulting from them, is the fact that many of these vehicles are tanker trucks or HAZMAT trucks, which carry liquid and/or flammable cargoes. Even if the driver of such a truck and the passengers of any other vehicles that are involved in a crash manage to walk away from the crash itself, there is still a possibility of injury or even death from explosions of the hazardous materials that the tanker was carrying.

Aside from their massive size and potentially dangerous cargo, there are a few other dangers associated with large trucks co-existing on roadways. So-called no zones, squeeze play, stopping distance and off-track are things that can cause significant danger on the road.

'No zones' are blind spots that are located around the front, back and sides of the truck. When a car is within a no zone, the truck driver is typically unable to see it.

Squeeze play is a name used to describe a truck driver's need to swing right or left in order to maneuver a turn. When a turn is in progress, the truck driver is unable to see cars directly behind or beside them. A car driving between a truck and a curb are liable to be caught in a squeeze that could result in a serious accident.

Stopping distance is important because big trucks need a greater stopping distance than regular-sized vehicles. If there is not enough space between a car and truck, the car may be in danger of being involved in a rear-ending accident.

'Off-track' occurs when a truck makes a turn at high speeds and jumps into the next lane unexpectedly. This can result in the truck not having enough room between other cars and itself to maneuver a proper abrupt stop if necessary.

Many people who are involved in such accidents in Delaware each year are entitled to file for compensation for personal injury or for the loss of a loved one. Anyone who has been injured as the result of a truck accident in Delaware could be entitled to claim compensation for any injuries sustained. However, this is in the event that the accident was not your fault, although this can be difficult to prove unless there were witnesses or the truck driver admits fault. However, under these circumstances a Delaware truck accident lawyer may be able to help. They can perform expert reconstructions of the accident scene, interview witnesses, and use the extent of their experience and knowledge to work for your rights.

The same goes for anyone who has lost a loved one as the result of a truck related accident wrongful death can be difficult to prove in some cases, so it would be extremely beneficial to have a Delaware truck accident lawyer working for you. These lawyers have expertise and experience on their side when it comes to truck accident litigation, and will therefore be able to put their skills and knowledge to good use in putting together as solid a lawsuit as possible on your behalf.

Delaware truck accident lawyers are there to help the victims of accidents involving trucks, and can help you to get compensation for injuries, damage, or loss sustained in a road traffic accident that was not your fault. Sadly, accidents involving trucks can often lead to death rather than injury. Delaware truck accident attorneys are experienced in dealing with wrongful death claims stemming from such accidents, as well as injury and damage lawsuits.


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