Filing A Truck Accident Lawsuit

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Truck accidents occur on a regular basis and for a variety of reasons. Because of the size and weight of these vehicles, accidents involving trucks can be extremely serious, resulting in severe injury and even death for those who are involved in the accident. Those affected by a truck accident through no fault of their own are entitled to file for compensation for injuries and damages sustained. In the case of a fatality, the family of the decedent can file for compensation for wrongful death. It is important to contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case and have them help you determine all that you are entitled to. An accident lawyer will be able to provide you with all of the up-to-date information regarding your state's laws in order to help you get the most compensation possible.

In order to regulate laws relating to trucks, a number of truck accident laws have been developed by the federal government. With regards to those injured as the result of a truck accident, the federal laws states that if you have been involved in a truck accident, the negligent party who caused the truck accident shall compensate you. Federal laws mandate truckers and trucking companies to carry certain minimum amounts of liability, bodily injury, and property damage insurance coverage. These limits are much higher than what is required of other vehicles, because injuries and damage to property in a truck accident are far more severe than those that are caused in other auto accidents. The insurance regulations are in place to protect the victims of truck accidents from those who cannot afford to pay damages out of their own pockets.

Anybody who has been injured in an accident involving a truck should seek legal action as soon as possible. One thing to bear in mind with filing lawsuits when it comes to injuries and compensation is that most states have a statute of limitations, which means that the claimant has a deadline by which his or her claim must be filed. It is important to ensure that you find out what the statutes of limitations are in your own state, and make sure that you take action as early as possible in order to avoid exceeding the deadlines specified.

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You could be entitled to a large settlement as the result of being involved in a truck accident, but this will depend on the circumstances surrounding the incident as well as the injuries, loss, and damage sustained by the injured party or parties. In order to determine the strength of your possible lawsuit, you should seek assistance from a lawyer who is experienced in the field of truck accident litigation. A more experienced lawyer in the field will have dealt with many similar cases, and can therefore use his skills and knowledge to give you the best chance of getting the settlement you desire.

Your lawyer will go through your legal options with you before filing a lawsuit, so that you understand all the steps involved in getting compensation for your injuries and damages. During the process of filing a lawsuit, a number of factors need to be established. These include:

Liability: The first and foremost question in any truck accident claim will be that of liability. Liability refers to establishing who was at fault for the truck accident. Those who cause truck accidents are not legally entitled to claim any damages, thus proving another person's negligence and liability in the truck accident is of utmost importance.
Injuries Sustained: The legal system allows you to sue a negligent party for damages for any injuries that you may have sustained from the truck accident. No physical harm means no money. There must be some kind of injury caused in the accident, and such injury should have been caused because of the negligence of another person, and not your own.
Money Available: The party at fault should have enough insurance coverage to pay the damages or should have the required money to pay out of their own pocket. If the negligent party has no means to pay any damages, you may not receive much in compensation, unless you have uninsured motorist insurance coverage, which will pay for your injuries.

Once presented with the facts about the incident, an experienced lawyer should be able to offer you advice with regards to the feasibility of a lawsuit, and can help you to put together a solid and watertight lawsuit in order to get you compensation.


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