Fire Truck Accident

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Most of us have seen a fire truck racing on its way, siren blaring, horn honking, tires spinning. Fire trucks take over the majority of the roads they travel on their way to put out a fire somewhere. These emergency vehicles do the society a great service, but can sometimes cause problems when an accident occurs between the fire truck and another vehicle.

Fire truck accidents are seeing a considerable rise in their numbers in most cities across America. As with most big trucks, a fire truck accident can be very serious, often life-threatening. And since fire trucks are typically operated on congested city roads as opposed to highways, a fire truck accident can result in a lot of people getting seriously injured or dying.

Some of the characteristics of fire trucks, such as their big size and physical dynamics, are reasons why fire truck accidents are on the rise. In addition to the massive size of the vehicle, there are some additional reasons for fire truck accidents:

Speeding: In the case of fire trucks, the speeding may sometimes be required to save lives. Fire trucks have to respond to emergency fire calls and have to rush to sites where a fire has broken out. In such circumstances, delay of even a few minutes may endanger many lives. Thus, fire truck drivers are always in a hurry to get to an emergency, which is why they drive over the regular speed limits, and this becomes a cause for many fire truck accidents.
Failure to follow rules: Drivers of fire trucks are required to drive at speeds deemed fit for emergency circumstances. However, they are also supposed to follow certain rules of the road, even when speeding. Stopping at traffic signals and stop signs are still a must for fire trucks. When fire truck drivers fail to adhere to such rules, albeit in the line of duty, they are still acting negligently. If an accident involving a fire truck running a stop sign or traffic light has affected your life, it is advisable to seek counsel from a qualified truck accident attorney.
Right of Way: Many fire truck drivers naturally assume that the general population pedestrians and other non-emergency drivers understand their emergency requirements and allow the right of way to fire trucks. But such is not always the case; other drivers may not always get out of the way of fire trucks, and since the fire truck drivers almost always expect them to do so, accidents are imminent.
Fire Truck Equipment: Fire trucks are equipped with long ladders, hoses, and water pipes, all of which can cause a fire truck accident. There have been many instances where, due to failure to secure the hoses or ladders properly, objects have swung about from their compartments and caused a fire truck accident to occur.

Fire Truck Accident Litigation

If you or any loved one has been injured in a fire truck accident, you should contact an accident attorney right away. They will be able to determine the party responsible for the accident and file a claim.

Once the negligent party is identified city departments, volunteer units, and unions are all examples a truck accident attorney can seek compensation for your injuries.

The laws, rules, and regulations for maintaining and driving an emergency vehicle, such as a fire truck, are also different from laws governing other vehicles. These will also have a very strong bearing on your case and will determine how to go about filing and pursuing the fire truck accident litigation. The process is complicated, but enlisting the services of a qualified truck accident attorney can make compensation and a healthy life obtainable.


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