How Do I Deal With The Trucking Company Or Their Insurance Company After A Truck Accident

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If you have been involved in a truck accident, you will invariably have to deal with the trucking company and their insurance company. Most trucking companies have experienced insurance adjusters at their disposal, any time of the day or night.

The very first thing to be aware of while dealing with the insurance officers of trucking companies is that you are dealing with highly skilled, trained, and experienced professionals, who may have witnessed hundreds of truck accidents and negotiated on behalf of many trucking companies.

Regardless of how sincere they may sound, or however sympathetic they may be, remember that they are not looking out for your interests, but are working for the trucking company to minimize their liability in the truck accident as much as possible. Do not make the mistake of trying to negotiate with them on your own. Either have an experienced lawyer with you or someone from your own insurance company.

Never, under any circumstances, give the insurance officers of the trucking company anything in writing, or sign any kind of form or statement. Many insurance adjusters convince crash victims to sign medical release forms or other statements, which can then be used against the victims.

In order to deal with insurance officers and trucking companies, you must hire a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. In all likelihood, if you or a loved one have suffered any injuries from the truck accident, your first priority will be to get the necessary medical help. While you are busy attending to your medical needs, the insurance adjusters are incessantly working on the truck accident case, and trying to gather any kind of evidence to support their case and undermine yours. Thus, with an experienced attorney at your side, you will have someone who is looking out for your best interests and working for you. This will allow you the opportunity to rest and recuperate while not sacrificing any monetary loss.

Along with hiring an attorney, you should try and do everything in your power to make your case as strong as possible. Your truck accident attorney will help guide you through this process. Some important things that must be done include:

The need to attend to your injuries and see a competent doctor. You should keep track of all your appointments with the doctor, and keep a record of your injuries, as well as the treatment you are getting for your injuries. Taking these steps will allow no chance for insurance adjusters being able to convince a jury to disregard your injuries, stating they were not serious enough to warrant medical attention from your side.
Keeping a written record of any and all expenses relating to your injuries and treatment. You may not remember the full extent of your injuries when it finally comes time for trial, and your written receipts and other expenses will determine what you can claim from the trucking company and their insurance carriers. You can also keep track of how much time you've missed from work, and how much money you've spent on other things, such as in-house medical help, medical equipment, and even treatment for psychological problems stemming from the accident.

In order to protect your legal rights in case of a truck accident, avoid dealing with trucking companies and insurance investigators on your own. Hiring an accident attorney who will build up your own team of investigators that will guide you in all your legal dealings with insurance representatives and trucking companies after a truck accident.


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