How Much Is My Truck Accident Case Worth

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Determining the worth of any truck accident case is difficult, because of the many variables involved in such a case. No two truck accident cases can be the same. There are different injuries and people involved, with varying amounts of insurance coverage. Also, the location of the accident is always different, and this factor can play a key role in determining a case.

All these variables will determine the worth of a truck accident case. Working with a truck accident attorney is the best way to predict the value of your case. They will use their expert knowledge and experience to determine what amount of compensation you will be likely to receive.

The following include some factors that decide the worth of a truck accident case.

Firstly, there is the question of economic damages. Such damages are generally awarded in the four following areas:

Incurred medical expenses
Future medical costs
Loss of wages already incurred
Future loss of wages

The damages awarded in each area will differ according to the nature of the injury sustained, type of medical treatment needed, length of such treatment, and time loss from work.

For instance, if your injuries are not very severe and you can go back to work in a few weeks, then your future medical costs and future loss of wages may not be very high. However, if you have sustained a type of injury which has left you unable to work for many months or even permanently, then you may have medical expenses that continue for the rest of your life, and your future loss of wages may be a very significant amount.

Your age at the time of the accident and how much income you were earning will also affect the amount of economic damages. For instance, if a 30-year-old is injured in a truck accident as opposed to a 70-year-old, then the loss of wages of the 30-year-old will probably be higher than the 70-year-old's. Again, if you were a highly paid executive in a major company and were drawing a six-figure salary, then your loss of wages will be much more than that of a waitress, school teacher, or company clerk, all of whom draw a lower salary.

Non-economic damages in a truck accident case include damages for pain and suffering, anguish, and other such factors. Non-economic damages can also differ greatly from one truck accident case to another.

The same type of injury may cause more pain and suffering to one individual and less to another. Thus, damages awarded for such suffering will also differ. Such damages will also depend on where your case is being tried. The jury will also have a bearing on the amount of non-economic damages. Some states have a maximum ceiling for non-economic damages while some do not. So, for the same pain and suffering, you may be awarded $10,000 in a state that limits such damages, but could get $50,000 in states that do not limit these damages. A sympathetic jury is more likely to award you higher non-economic damages than one that does not see you as much of a victim.

The strength of the evidence in your case, who the possible defendants are, how much insurance coverage they have, whether liability has been established unequivocally, and the capability of your lawyer are all factors that will ultimately determine the worth of your truck accident case.

Thus, in the face of such variable factors, only a competent and capable attorney will be able to get you the maximum worth for your truck accident case.


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