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Statistics suggest that every daylight hour sees an average of one death as a result of a truck-related accident. And, just like any other state, Indiana sees its fair share of these accidents. In fact, between 1996 and 2000, over 875 fatalities occurred through the involvement of large truck accidents that's roughly 175 a year, 15 a month. Multiple factors play into truck-related fatalities.

The size and weight of trucks mean that the outcome of an accident involving a truck can be extremely serious or even fatal. Many truck accidents in Indiana have resulted in multi-million dollar litigation, with those suffering injuries, damages, and losses receiving compensation.

Aside from their massive size, there are a few other dangers associated with large trucks co-existing on roadways with smaller cars. No-Zones, squeeze play, stopping distance and off-track are things that can cause significant danger on the road.

No-Zones are blind spots that are located around the front, back and sides of the truck. When a car is within the No-Zone, the truck driver is typically unable to see it.

Squeeze play is a name used to describe a truck driver's need to swing right or left in order to maneuver a turn. When a turn is in progress, the trucker driver is unable to see cars directly behind or besides them. A car driving between a truck and a curb is liable to be caught in a squeeze that could result in a serious accident.

Stopping distance is important because big trucks need a greater stopping distance than regular-sized vehicles. If there is not enough space between a car and truck, the car may be in danger of being involved in a rear-ending accident.

Off-track occurs when a truck makes a turn at high speeds and jumps into the next lane unexpectedly. This can result in the truck not having enough room between the car and itself to maneuver a proper, abrupt stop if necessary.

A 2000 report indicates that 2.2% of trucking accidents resulting in death were due to truck drivers operating under the effects of alcohol.

If you have been involved in an accident involving a truck in the state of Indiana, and have sustained injuries or damage as a result of that accident, you may be able to claim compensation, providing the accident was not your fault. In order to determine whether you are eligible for claiming compensation or not, you should contact an expert in the field an Indiana truck accident lawyer.

Many Indiana truck accident attorneys offer a free consultation, which means that it won't cost you a cent to find out whether you have a viable case and to determine your best course of action with regards to the accident. You should never be afraid to ask the lawyer for details about his or her experience, as a good lawyer will be happy to provide this information. Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney will provide you with counsel trained in the the know-how of obtaining rightful compensation.

The compensation that an Indiana truck accident lawyer may be able to get for you will often depend upon the circumstances surrounding the accident as well as on the outcome of the accident. However, unless the responsible party readily admits fault, it can be difficult to prove who was to blame. An Indiana truck accident lawyer will use his or her tools and resources to ensure that this matter is addressed in order to strengthen your lawsuit. This can greatly improve your chances of getting compensation and could also affect the level of compensation you receive.


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