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According to statistics from 1996-2000, there were 522 fatalities related to truck accidents in the state of Kentucky . The increased risk of serious injury and fatal injuries stems from the size and weight of these vehicles, as well as other factors such as the long hours involved, the resulting driver fatigue, driver drug or alcohol usage, poor weather conditions and hazardous road conditions.

Recent statistics show that in 2008 there were a total of 123,918 large trucks and 13,263 buses that were involved in non-fatal crashes in the United States. 49,084 large trucks and 7,123 buses were involved in injury crashes. There were 73,047 injuries involved in large truck crashes, and 16,760 injuries due to bus crashes. There were also 74,834 large trucks and 6,140 buses that were involved in tow away crashes, and 2,609 large trucks and 11 buses that were involved in Hazmat Placard (trucks that carry dangerous, often explosive, substances) crashes. Fatal truck accidents occurred 68% of the time in rural areas, 66% during the day time, and 78% of the time on weekdays. Passenger vehicles are less likely than large trucks to be involved in a fatal, multi-vehicle accident.

If you have been injured as the result of a truck-related accident in Kentucky that was not your fault, you could be entitled to compensation. You could receive damages for pain and suffering, present and future medical bills, and lost wages.

A common reason why there is a collision between a passenger vehicle and a large truck is because of the passenger vehicle's driver being ignorant of the truck's performance capabilities, including what type of visibility the truck driver has, and the limits that are associated with braking. This can also include changing lanes quickly in front of a truck, driving in the No-Zones right behind and beside the truck where the driver cannot see you, and not slowing down or speeding up when a truck starts to change a lane or merge. Truck drivers who are driving fatigued, driving a faulty truck, or carrying an over-sized load are also reasons for many accidents.

In recent Kentucky truck accident news, a water tanker lost control at an intersection of a road and Highway 421, resulting in the truck driver's death. No other cars were involved, but the truck was not supposed to be as far away from the mine as it was, and the truck driver was driving a truck without registration, insurance, or a valid license. The company he worked for was cited by the police.

If you were not involved in the accident personally, but instead lost a loved one through a fatal injury sustained in such an accident, you may also be able to make a claim subject to wrongful death statutes in Kentucky.

A trained and experienced Kentucky truck accident lawyer can advise you, whether you are the party who was injured or whether you are the family member or spouse of a decedent.

A Kentucky truck accident lawyer can help you to get compensation in a number of ways: First, an experienced Kentucky truck accident lawyer will be familiar with the laws and statues related to truck accidents in the state, and will ensure that you meet any requisite deadlines in terms of the statute of limitations. The attorney will also have experience in litigating cases similar to yours, increasing the chance that your claim runs smoothly. In short, hiring an attorney to represent you in your personal injury or wrongful death claim can not only speed up the process considerably, but also ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.


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