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To improve truck safety by providing Michigan's trucking industry and the citizens of Michigan with effective educational programs, and by addressing significant truck safety issues.

The above is a mission statement from the Michigan Truck Safety Commission, which indicates the dedication and hard work that goes into providing safety and educational programs in order to alleviate the risk of truck accidents. This is because truck accidents can be very serious even fatal to both the truck driver and any other party who is involved in the accident. Michigan is one of a small group of states that are leading the country with the most large truck accidents. However, despite the training regulations, accidents involving trucks do occur and for a variety of reasons.

Driver error can be a contributing factor to truck accidents in Michigan. Truck drivers are responsible for operating their vehicles in the safest manner possible. Maneuvering a vehicle of the proportion through sometimes inclement weather, steep inclines and long distances could be very difficult, so it is imperative that the drivers of these vehicles are focused and cautious at all times. When negligence occurs, this can lead to fatal accidents. Some examples of driver error include;
failure to utilize blind spot mirrors
improper braking
abrupt lane changes
improper loading and securing of cargo
failure to signal

Aside from their massive size, there are a few other dangers associated with large trucks co-existing on roadways with cards. No-Zones, squeeze play, stopping distance and off-track are things that can cause significant danger on the road.

No-Zones are blind spots that are located around the front, back and sides of the truck. When a car is within the No-Zone, the truck driver is typically unable to see it.

Squeeze play is a name used to describe a truck driver's need to swing right or left in order to maneuver a turn. When a turn is in progress, the truck driver is unable to see cars directly behind or besides them. A car driving between a truck and a curb are liable to be caught in a squeeze that could result in a serious accident.

Stopping distance is important because big trucks need a greater stopping distance than regular sized vehicles. If there is not enough space between a car and truck, the car may be in danger of being involved in a rear-ending accident.

Off-track occurs when a truck makes a turn at high speeds and jumps into the next lane unexpectedly. This can result in the truck not having enough room between the car and itself to maneuver a proper, abrupt stop if necessary.

If you have been injured as a result of a truck-related accident in Michigan and you were not at fault, then you should seek the assistance of a Michigan truck accident lawyer. If the truck was at fault but the driver is disputing this, trying to prove otherwise can be a stressful and difficult experience. However, an experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer can help to ascertain the truth, making it easier for the full facts to be determined.

Michigan truck accident lawyers work to help those affected by an accident involving a truck on the roads of Michigan. You may have been affected in one of a number of ways by a Michigan truck-related accident you may have suffered damage or injury yourself, or you may have lost a loved one through such an accident. Either way, a Michigan truck accident attorney can help you to file a successful lawsuit and claim compensation for your injuries or losses stemming from the truck accident.

You should bear in mind that Michigan, like other states, imposes certain statutes when it comes to filing lawsuits. One of these is the statute of limitation, which requires that you take legal action within a certain time frame as specified by the state; otherwise, you may render yourself ineligible to claim. This is why it is vital to initiate discussions with a Michigan truck accident lawyer as early as possible.


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