Stats And Quotes On Trucks Accidents

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On average, one person is injured or killed because of a truck accident every 16 minute!

Tractor trailer accidents account for a large percentage of fatal big truck accidents in which 98% of the time people in the smaller vehicles are killed as opposed to those in the trucks.

Rural areas witness 68% of all fatal commercial truck accidents.

Each daylight hour, an average of one death is caused by commercial truck accidents.

It is illegal for any truck driver to drive more than 11 hours on the road.

According to truck inspection data, 23.7% of truck inspections reveal a broken down truck, which is almost one in four truck inspections!

The roads of the United States witness in excess of 500,000 truck accidents each year. Of these, approximately 5,000 trucking accidents result in fatalities.

One out of every 8 traffic accident deaths, or 12% of traffic accident fatalities, are caused because of crashes involving trucks.

More than 75% of all truck accidents are caused due to some error on the part of the driver of the passenger vehicle.

An estimated 16% of all truck accidents can be attributed to the truck driver's fault.

A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds!

Multiple trailer trucks can be up to 75 feet in length!

As many as 66% of all fatal truck accidents happen in the daytime as opposed to night.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that, annually, more than 240,000 motor accidents in the U.S. are caused because of driver fatigue alone.

HAZMAT carriers, which include explosives, are required by the law to carry a minimum liability insurance coverage of as high as $5 million!

The front part of a truck is the first point of impact in 62% of fatal truck accidents, whereas the rear part is the first to be impacted in only about 16% of fatal truck accidents.

The maximum numbers of fatal truck accidents involve one trailer truck and not multiple trailer trucks as many seem to believe. In fact, as much as 64% of all fatal truck accidents involve single trailer trucks, whereas multiple trailer trucks account for less than 4% of all fatal truck collisions.

More than 3 million roadside inspections of trucks are carried out each year!

Commercial trucks not carrying HAZMAT goods have to carry a minimum insurance coverage of at least $750,000!

3.02% of the total truck accidents involved trucks that were transporting hazardous supplies.

Alcohol does not seem to be a very major cause of truck accidents as statistics show that only about 1% of fatal truck accidents are caused by drunken truck drivers.

In 2003 Texas, at 438, had the highest number of fatal truck accidents in that year.

Of all fatal traffic crashes in any year, trucks account for about 9% of all such fatal crashes.

Of all auto crashes that result in injury or property damage only, trucks account for 4% of such accidents.

On an average, a truck driver earns about 30.3 cents per mile traveled.

Trucking revenues totaled $610 billion in 2008 and revenues are estimated to nearly double by 2015. While commercial trucking growth is good news for the trucking companies and the economy, it is bad news for the cars, vans and SUV's that share the road with these potentially lethal giants. In tractor trailer accidents, 98% of fatalities occur to the individuals in the passenger vehicles.

Trucks account for only about 12.3% of all the fuel that is consumed in the US by automobiles.


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