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Trucks are the main mode of transportation of manufactured freight and commodities. According to the Tennessee Trucking Association and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Tennessee ranks sixth in the nation and first in the Southeast for cargo ton-miles and value of commodities carried by truck. Additionally, trucks carry approximately 80% of all manufactured freight transported in Tennessee.

An estimated 5,000 people die as a result of truck accidents and collisions in the United States every year. However, there are a variety of ways in which truck drivers, as well as those in other passenger vehicles can prevent these types of accidents. Truck drivers should regularly inspect their trucks, watch their speeds and make sure they've had plenty of rest. Other drivers should avoid the no zone, and they should not attempt to follow trucks too closely. Additionally, they should avoid attempting to pass a truck on the right that is turning right.

There are various reasons why truck accidents occur, but the most significant cause for truck accidents is truck driver fatigue, which accounts for as many as 35-40% of all truck accidents. This statistic is so large because truck drivers work long hours, face strenuous deadlines, and have to abide by strict, rigorous schedules. Truck driver fatigue can seriously impair the judgment of an individual who is behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.

Fatigue refers to lack of sleep, extreme tiredness, or exhaustion. Fatigue does not refer to just one thing, but can be a combination of the above. Not getting the required amount of sleep, loading and unloading heavy loads, putting in overtime at work, etc., can all lead to truck driver fatigue. Driver fatigue can also impair an individuals ability to gauge their own level of fatigue.

With so many trucks on the road, it is not surprising that several accidents can occur. And the weight and size of these vehicles increases the chance that accidents will likely be serious or even fatal. Many people who are involved in such accidents in Tennessee each year are entitled to file for compensation for personal injury or for the loss of a loved one.

With so many possible people and entities that can be sued in a truck accident case, it is to your advantage to consult with an experienced lawyer, who will be able to determine who the best party to sue would be, and how to get you the maximum damages.

A thorough investigation of the truck accident must be performed immediately and accurately to establish the fault of another party. An examination of the scene, the vehicles involved and taking statements from witnesses of the accident will be key. Nothing from the scene of the accident should be altered. Because trucking companies will send their own investigators to assess the scene it is vitally important to hire a lawyer who will get the ball rolling on the investigation to establish liability and damage.

A Tennessee truck accident lawyer is the first person you should contact with regards to making a claim. An experienced Tennessee truck accident attorney will be able to use his or her knowledge of state specific regulations and statutes to ensure that your lawsuit will stand in court, in addition to being filed in a timely manner.

Using the skill and experience of a Tennessee truck accident attorney could increase your chances of getting compensation for injuries, damages, or losses incurred in a Tennessee truck related accident that was not your fault. An experienced lawyer that specializes in this field will know how to get you as much compensation as possible for your injuries.


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