Truck Accident Investigations

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A truck accident can occur due to various reasons. Truck accidents can be caused by an error on the truck driver's part, mechanical failures, poor road conditions, or the fault of another driver. With so many factors that can cause truck accidents, how do you know who the negligent party is? This is where truck accident investigations can be very handy. An investigation can be done by a number of people, but are most commonly conducted by an insurance representative or a truck accident lawyer.

What Are Truck Accident Investigations?

Truck accident investigations are investigations of all aspects related to truck accidents. Such aspects include:

Taking Pictures: It is important to take pictures of the accident site and of any damaged vehicles. Pictures of injuries which have been caused by the truck accident can also be included in truck accident investigations.

Witness Interviews: A large component of truck accident investigations is simply observation of the scene of the accident and witness interviews. While conducting the investigation, a truck accident investigator will talk to everyone who may have seen the accident or part of the accident. They will record statements made by these witnesses, as well as recording their names and contact details. Talking to police officers and other emergency helpers and taking their statements is also part of truck accident investigations. They also make sure that the police officer wasn't somehow influenced by a certain party.

Accident Condition Report: Noting the time of the accident, the weather conditions, and the state of the road at the time of the accident is essential. The accident investigator will make a note of whether the weather was inclement, whether the road was slippery, if the road had any potholes or other condition problems, the lighting and visibility at the time and place of the accident, and so on. They also can recover records that can prove a driver's negligence, such as cell phone records that show whether they were on the phone at the time of the accident or texting. In July of 2009, in Lockport, NY, a truck driver who was juggling cell phones texting on one, while talking on the other slammed into a car and then landed in a backyard swimming pool.

Vehicle Inspection: All vehicles involved in the truck accident will be inspected thoroughly. Some of the things an investigator will look at are seat belt conditions, brake condition, steering condition, evidence of recent repairs to the vehicles, etc. A complete inspection of the interior as well as the exterior of the vehicles is also done in truck accident investigations. If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is important not to move the truck or other vehicles after the accident, as this can interfere with the investigations.

Are Truck Accident Investigations Important?

Truck accident investigations are absolutely critical. Only a thorough truck accident investigation can reveal who the at-fault party was and can provide you with the proof required to establish the negligence of the at-fault party in the truck accident.

Bear in mind, the trucking company involved in the truck accident will be requesting an expert investigation. This will be done in attempt to prove that you were at fault for the truck accident, at least to some degree, so that they will have to pay lesser damages, if any at all.

If you do not get an investigator or lawyer to help with the truck accident investigation, you will be at a disadvantage and will have nothing with which to prove liability of the possible defendants. A truck accident attorney can be extremely helpful in this area, even if the accident has already occurred. They can work backwards in obtaining all of the necessary facts for the case.


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