Truck Accident Overview

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All over our nation, vehicular accidents prove to be a devastating force, causing lifetime injury and incomparable sorrow. There are hundreds of traffic accidents that take place every day, the majority of which cause injuries from the very minor to the catastrophically serious to thousands of people and families. And if the traffic accident happens to involve a commercial truck (big-rigs, eighteen wheelers, tractor-trailers, etc), then the consequences quickly multiply.

Accidents involving commercial trucks are often more disastrous than those that involve other vehicles due to a number of reasons:
A heavy-duty commercial truck, when fully loaded, can weigh a staggering 80,000 pounds or more. Compare this to the average weight of about 2,500 - 3,000 pounds for a small vehicle, and you can then begin to imagine what kind of damage the heavy load of a commercial truck can cause.
Due to the large size and bulk of commercial trucks, it is difficult to turn and maneuver the trucks. A slight error on the part of the driver or a stretch of unfavorable road conditions can cause the truck to roll or jackknife, resulting in a horrible accident for truckers operating the vehicles and other drivers on the road.
Underride accidents occur when passenger vehicles slide underneath the bed of large tractor-trailers. It may seem like something out of a high-paced action movie, but for many drivers, the consequences are all too real. You see, the sturdy structures on the front end of small passenger cars engine blocks found underneath the hood are often as much as 20 inches lower to the ground than the bottom-most part of a tractor-trailer bed. The result is the car slipping underneath the bed of the trailer, where the cargo above will almost always intrude into the occupant portion of small vehicles, causing great risk to drivers falling victim to an underride accident. Here you will find examples of precautionary measures put into place to aid in the disappearance of such accidents, and you will also learn how failure to maintain proper underride bumpers can prove negligence on the behalf of a commercial truck or trucking company.

Drivers are trained to use far more caution in their roadway operations than the casual driver, however, in spite of this, due to the large sizes, massive loads, and complex dynamics of commercial trucks, accidents are an everyday occurrence. All of the training in the world can not change the fact that truck accidents can not always be avoided or averted.

Causes for Accidents
Although driver fatigue, drug usage, and negligence of truck drivers are some of the causes for truck accidents, an alarming number of these accidents are caused due to the error by drivers of everyday passenger vehicles. Very often, error on the part of drivers sharing the roadways with commercial trucks is caused because of a lack of knowledge the general population is ill-equipped in the understanding of the dynamics of such large vehicles. The pages of this site will inform you on terms like no-zones, squeeze plays, off-tracks, and stopping distance, all of which are common practices that all too often result in collisions between large trucks and other vehicles.

Many commercial trucks carry hazardous materials on board. If such a commercial truck is involved in a truck accident, then apart from the regular dangers, there is an added danger of people being injured due to the volatile and inflammable nature of the hazardous materials.

Regardless of what caused the truck accident, if you or any loved one of yours has been in a truck accident, either while driving the truck, or as a passenger in another vehicle, or even as a pedestrian, then it can be a very stressful time in your life, and seeking compensation may seem impossible. This site will make the impossible seem possible; browsing through truck accident pages related to your state will educate you on enlisting the services of a qualified attorney specializing in truck accidents in your region. It is our hope that these articles will allow rightful compensation and a healthy life appear on your horizon.

Avoiding Truck Accidents
Although there are laws in place protecting truck accident victims and awarding them the compensation they deserve, it is ideal to not fall victim to such accidents at all and that is why you will find informative resources on avoiding all types of accidents. Learning about the common causes for truck accidents, the types of cargo trucks carry, and the federal laws and regulations in place to protect the roadways will all be discussed here.

Topics related to trucking accidents state-specific laws, driving regulations, drug and alcohol screening procedures, hazardous (HAZ) material (MAT) information will all prove to be useful resources for both the casual commuter and the lifetime truck driver. By using this site to become knowledgeable on the practices of commercial trucking, you can effectively make the highways and byways of the United States a safer place for you and fellow-travelers.

Are you a truck accident victim?
Whether you want to be more informed about truck accidents, or are looking for help as a truck accident victim, you will find all that you are looking for here. If you have had the misfortune of being involved in a disastrous truck accident, you should consult with a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney may not be able to cure your injuries, but will certainly be able to take the initiative to guarantee that the negligent party is paying for your recovery. In addition to seeking compensation for medical costs, a qualified truck accident attorney can seek payment for punitive damages, loss of income, and even compensation for emotional and physical rehabilitation processes.


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