Truck Accident Reconstructions

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If you have been injured in any truck accident, and want to file a lawsuit against the person who caused the truck accident and thus your injuries, the first and most important thing that you will need to prove is the negligence of the other party. Obviously, in any truck accident case, it would be rare for someone to come forward and say that they were to blame for the accident, irrespective of how much they were actually at fault for the truck accident.

In some accidents, the fault is very apparent, such as if the driver was drunk or if some heavy goods came loose and caused the truck accident. But in most cases, it cannot be immediately ascertained as to whose fault the truck accident was. Even truck accident investigators may sometimes draw a blank. So what can you do in such situations to determine fault? Well, you can look to truck accident reconstructions for help.

Truck Accident Reconstructions Explained

Experts in the field of investigation and accident reconstructions can take data and evidence from the site of the truck accident and virtually reconstruct the entire accident. The entire accident can be recreated and such reconstruction will tell you the true story behind the truck accident.

By looking at any skid marks at the accident site and measuring such skid marks, as well as the last place where the truck and other vehicles came to a stop after the accident, a reconstruction can clearly determine the speed at which the vehicles were traveling. Thus, if the truck or any vehicle involved in the accident was traveling above the speed limits, this can be proven through reconstructions, which in turn can help you in proving negligence and violation of speed laws.

Other evidence at the truck accident site, such as fallen cargo, final resting spot of vehicles, position of the truck, etc. can also help to determine if any driver lost control of the vehicle or tried to take evasive action, thus causing the truck accident. By examining the filaments inside the light bulbs, even if the bulbs were destroyed because of the impact of the truck accident, reconstruction experts can also determine whether or not the lights were on or off at the time the truck accident occurred.

By examining the injuries of people involved in the accident, reconstructions can also help to figure out who was driving which vehicle at the time of the accident. In addition to all this, truck accident reconstructions can help to determine many more things, which can eventually prove who was at fault for the truck accident. Analysis of photos, videso, statements and reports is imperative, and in some cases, the vehicles or parts of the vehicles may be tested for malfunction or wear and tear.

Even if it is not possible to have reconstruction experts at the truck accident site, or if evidence at the site has been moved, reconstructions can also be done from photographs. Technological advances have made it possible for truck accident reconstruction experts to be able to recreate accidents from pictures taken at the accident scene.

Truck accident reconstructions can provide you with essential information, which can form the basis for handling your personal injury claims in the most efficient way. Truck accident reconstructions can provide you and your lawyer with a thorough understanding of the accident and why the truck accident took place. With such information and irrefutable facts at your disposal, you will be in a position to put pressure on the negligent parties, thus making them offer you the best settlement possible.


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