What Is A Commercial Truck

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There are several types of trucks that are on the road daily. One type of truck is a commercial truck.

A commercial truck is not just one specific kind of truck, but refers to any truck that is used for commercial purposes. Any vehicle that is used by businesses in the regular course of their work, or any vehicle that is used to carry commercial goods, or to provide commercial services, is known as a commercial truck.

Types of Commercial Trucks

1)Eighteen-Wheelers: Tractor trailers or eighteen-wheeled vehicles are kinds of commercial truck. Also referred to as a big rig, these commercial trucks are very large, have eighteen wheels, and can weigh over 80,000 pounds.
2)Tankers: Vehicles that are tanker trucks are also commercial trucks. These kinds of commercial trucks are used to carry liquid materials, such as water, gas, petroleum, chemicals, etc.
3)Freight Vehicles: This is another type of commercial truck. Freight trucks, big and small, are generally used to transport heavy and light commercial goods and products.
4)Delivery Vehicles: Vehicles used for deliveries, such as those used by flower companies, ice companies, courier companies, moving companies, etc. are all types of commercial trucks.

Applications of Commercial Trucks

Commercial trucks come in different sizes and weight-carrying capacities, according to their specific application. Here are some of the common applications for which commercial trucks are used, depending on their size.

Small Commercial Trucks: These commercial trucks typically have a load-bearing capacity of 15,000 - 20,000 pounds of weight. Such commercial trucks are ideal for small businesses and light commercial needs. These trucks can have the following applications:

1)Delivery and Pickup Trucks: For delivery of beverages, electrical goods, courier delivery, residential garbage pickups, etc.
2)Emergency Vehicles: Tow trucks, carriers of emergency supplies, fully equipped mobile hospital vehicles, etc.
3)Military business vehicles
4)City tractors
5)Recovery and leasing trucks

Medium Duty Commercial Trucks: Such commercial trucks have many applications, some of which are:

1)Commercial waste trucks
2)Carrier vehicles for liquid and dry loads
3)Utility service vehicles

Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks: Such commercial trucks can carry weights of more than 80,000 pounds and have the following applications:

1)Regional and long-haul trucks
3)Construction site trucks
4)Concrete delivery trucks
5)Container trucks

Due to their size and dynamics, as well as the basic principles of physics, commercial trucks are more prone to accidents than other vehicles. Using the correct commercial truck for the needs of the shipment will help to minimize the chances of truck accidents.


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