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A wrongful death claim is a claim against an individual who can be held liable for a death in common law jurisdictions due to their own negligence, though it can also be intentional, such as a murder. The type of proof that is generally needed to convict a person of wrongful death is a preponderance of evidence that suggests that the death resulted from negligence or misdeeds to the victim by an individual who did not intend to kill.

Every year, many people are injured some very severely as the result of an accident involving a truck. Truck accidents occur on a regular basis, and the weight and size of these vehicles makes the risk of them being involved in a traffic accident far greater. Additionally, many truck drivers work long hours; therefore, simple tiredness and fatigue can also lead to accidents. Because of the sheer size and weight of these vehicles, the end result often is injury, damage, or even death.

There are many reasons why truck accidents occur driver negligence, unforeseen circumstances, road conditions, or a defective vehicle. Whatever the reason for the accident, the family of the person killed in the crash could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. The compensation for wrongful death is paid out in order to provide financial stability and to compensate for the pain, grief, and suffering of the surviving family members.

If a member of your family died in a truck accident, which was no fault of their own, you should seek legal advice from an experienced wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. The loved one may have died at the scene, or may have died later on as a direct result of the injuries sustained from the truck accident. It is important to gather as much medical evidence as possible in the case of the latter, so that it is clearly evident that the death was a result of the injuries from the accident.

Wrongful death can be a complicated matter, and in many cases proving it can be difficult as well as stressful for the family of the decedent. However, hiring an experienced wrongful death lawyer can ease the situation. A lawyer with experience in wrongful death litigation will be able to quickly ascertain what sort of information is required to prove your case and get you the compensation for the loss of your loved one.

There are some different damages that can be collected, such as compensatory damages that are intended to be restitution for the amount of money that was lost because of the injury, and these are the most common in a wrongful death lawsuit. Some types of restitution include funeral and medical expenses, as well as the amount of income earned potential there would have been, had the victim survived. There can also be compensation for grief or loss of companionship or services.

All states have legislation that gives rights to the family of a decedent that was killed in a truck accident through no fault of their own, enabling the family to seek compensation for their loss. Although monetary damages can never make up for your loss, you are entitled to compensation for loss of income and even loss of consortium. Then there are punitive damages, which can be awarded if the defendant had performed actions that were considered extremely reckless or heinous, and these are meant to punish the defendant so they may learn from their mistakes.

You will find wrongful death lawyers and law firms in every state, and these professionals are used to dealing with wrongful death claims on a daily basis. Find out more about the types of cases that a particular lawyer has dealt with before making a commitment, and assess whether he or she has experience and a good success rate when it comes to wrongful death litigation. Most law firms will be happy to advise whether they have dealt with a case similar to yours, and can offer details on the outcome of such cases in order to give you an idea of the possible outcome of your own lawsuit.


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