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If you have been involved in a truck accident in Wyoming due to the carelessness of another driver, it is advisable to contact a Wyoming truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. When planning to take legal action for a wrongful death or an injury sustained through a truck related accident in Wyoming, it is also vital that you familiarize yourself with the local statutes. This will help you to establish your rights, and can also help to determine whether there is a deadline by which you need to file your claim.

In 2008 there was a total of 123,918 large trucks and 13,263 buses that were involved in non-fatal crashes in the United States. 49,084 large trucks and 7,123 buses were involved in injury crashes. 73,047 injuries resulted in large truck crashes, and 16,760 injuries due to bus crashes. There were also 74,834 large trucks and 6,140 buses that were involved in tow away crashes, and 2,609 large trucks and 11 buses that were involved in Hazmat Placard crashes. Most of the fatal truck accidents occurred 68% of the time in rural areas, 66% during the day time, and 78% of the time on weekdays. Passenger vehicles are less likely than large trucks to be involved in a fatal multi-vehicle accident.

One of the most common reasons why there is a collision between a passenger vehicle and a large truck is because of the passenger vehicles driver being ignorant of the truck's performance capabilities, including what type of visibility the truck driver has, and the limits that are associated with braking. This can also include changing lanes quickly in front of a truck, driving in the 'No-Zones', right behind and beside the truck where the driver cannot see you, and not slowing down or speeding up when a truck starts to change a lane or merge.

Rather than trying to learn all about trucking laws and statutes in operation in Wyoming at an already difficult time, it is far easier and more beneficial to seek assistance from an experienced Wyoming truck accident lawyer. Remember that when it comes to truck accidents and statutes, there can be variations from one state to another, so even if you are familiar with the relevant laws and statutes in one state, they may not necessarily be the same in Wyoming.

In a recent truck accident case in Wyoming, a car had collided with a semi truck, causing injuries. The truck had a flashing yellow light while the car had a flashing red light, and the car failed to yield, so they collided in the middle of an intersection, which sent them both through a nearby concrete wall, and the semi hit a corner of the house causing structural damage.

An experienced Wyoming truck accident lawyer will be able to offer sound advice about the eligibility of your claim for damages. You may be eligible for compensation if you have suffered injury or damage through a truck accident that was not your fault, or if you have lost a loved one through a truck accident. An experienced Wyoming truck accident attorney will be able to determine whether you have a case, and may even be able to approximate how much in damages can be awarded.

Because a Wyoming truck accident lawyer specializes in this type of litigation, he or she will have the necessarily knowledge, skills, and contacts to ensure that your case runs smoothly and that you get the compensation to which you are entitled. It is important to take early action, however, as you need to comply with the Wyoming statutes of limitation.


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