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Vioxx was a prescription drug released by Merck and Company in 1999. It was an anti-inflammatory that was closely related to over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen and naproxen. It was created as the first in a new generation of arthritis drugs called COX-2 inhibitors. COX-2 inhibitors were designed to relieve pain without the harmful side effects associated with some of the older medications. These older drugs generally involved COX-1 inhibition. COX-1, unlike COX-2, is responsible for the regulation of the molecules that protect the lining of the stomach. Inhibition of COX-1 could therefore lead to stomach problems.

Arthritis is the painful swelling of certain parts of the body. Arthritis most commonly occurs in heavily-used joints such as the knee. Arthritis sufferers are forced to live with pain that can range from moderate to crippling. There are several different types of arthritis that affect people of all ages. Some forms of arthritis occur more commonly as we age. Vioxx was developed to help treat arthritis pain in all of its forms.

Vioxx was approved by the Food and Drug Administration despite concerns that were raised about the safety of the drug. Before it was passed for public use, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study that showed a close relationship between the chronic use of Vioxx and the increased chance of having a fatal heart attack. In 2000, the New England Journal of Medicine published a medical trial that linked Vioxx use to heart attack and stroke. Finally, Merck, the pharmaceutical company responsible for Vioxx, conducted their own study.

Alarmingly, the study found out that after only 18 months some Vioxx users were prone to suffer from a heart attack, stroke or severe blood clots. An estimated 30,000 people may have died as a result of the prescription drug Vioxx. If you are a resident of Colorado and have suffered from medical complications due to the use of Vioxx, please contact an attorney. An attorney can help you understand your rights and inform you of what, if any, monetary compensation you are owed.

Vioxx was a new miracle pill that was marketed intensely. Within a few short years, Vioxx generated yearly profits that exceeded $2.5 billion. This was twelve percent of Merck and Company's yearly revenue. Vioxx gained such popularity that there were 84 million Vioxx users worldwide. Eventually, however, this popularity came to an end, and in 2004, Merck and Company recalled Vioxx from the shelves and halted its production due to the many illnesses associated with the use of Vioxx.

Vioxx use can cause acute kidney failure and the worsening of chronic kidney failure in some users. Some people using Vioxx also reported liver problems. Symptoms of these problems include tenderness in the right part of the abdomen, itching, nausea and tiredness. Vioxx use has been linked to stomach and intestinal bleeding. Usually the bleeding occurs without any prior symptoms or warning signs. Allergic reactions have been known to occur that cause swelling in the throat, tongue, lips and face. Vioxx users have suffered from difficulty breathing and trouble with swallowing. If these medical conditions are left untreated, they can lead to hospitalization or even death. More common side effects associated with Vioxx are high blood pressure, stomach pain, heartburn, swelling in the legs and feet, back pain, tiredness and urinary tract infections.

If you are a resident of the state of Colorado who has taken Vioxx and suffered because of it, please contact an attorney. A qualified lawyer may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve.