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One of the top news stories in 2004 referenced the massive recall of the prescription painkiller Vioxx. Originally heralded as a wonder drug because it cured the symptoms of arthritis and other acute pain and did not initially come with side effects, it was eventually revealed for what it really was: a dangerous medication. When patients took other arthritis drugs, they were forced to endure frustrating gastric problems. So when Vioxx emerged, both doctors and patients were happy to embrace a drug that seemed to have no strings attached. But in 2004, people would soon discover the truth.

Maybe Vioxx alleviated people's pain without causing them stomach problems, but it also put them at an increased risk of dangerous, life-threatening cardiovascular problems. People who used Vioxx over a long period of time were twice as likely to develop a blood clot, suffer from a heart attack, or experience a stroke. For the first five years that doctors readily prescribed the drug to 80 million people worldwide, this information was kept from the public eye. People continued to take the medication regularly without fully understanding its potential hazards.

In 2004, pharmaceutical giant, Merck, the maker of Vioxx, voluntarily took the dangerous drug off the market. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initially approved it in 1999, clinical studies, beginning in 2001, put these potential health risks on display for the public. Merck's product was not safe and, worse yet, its customers were unaware of the dangers until two years later.

In the United States, it is illegal to sell a prescription medication that does not come with the proper warning labels. Product liability laws state that when a manufacturer is as irresponsible as Merck, it can be held accountable for such actions in court. For five years, people eagerly took Vioxx, but now are suing the drug's maker. As of 2005, over four thousand cases have been filed against the drug company. A Vioxx attorney is standing by to lend you a helping hand if you are one of the millions of victims of Merck's deceptive advertising.

Merck brought in over two billion dollars in Vioxx sales and is now paying the community back in reparations. If you used Vioxx over a long period of time and believe that you were inadvertently harmed by it, then talk to a Vioxx attorney as soon as possible so you can receive the justice you deserve. The attorney should have experience handling other Vioxx or pharmaceutical claims. If not, your chosen attorney should have experience managing personal injury and liability claims. If wrong dosage has occurred, you may have a medical malpractice case. In this case, experience with medical negligence may prove to be helpful. Overall, an attorney should be willing to consult with you free of charge, review your claim, determine if its feasible, and reach out for a reasonable settlement.

This particular company is under public scrutiny because it is speculated that the dangers of the drug were well known, but intentionally hidden from patients. If you have taken the drugs and experienced serious illnesses as a result, you may be able to have medical expenses taken care of from compensation gained in a settlement. Moreover, this amount may be significantly larger, since there may be evidence of foul play concerning this particular company. In other words, the compensation you are likely to earn may extend far beyond the costs of medical bills.

Vioxx is not a safe drug, and its health risks outweighed the benefits significantly. Moreover, these side effects were kept hidden from the public from 1999 to 2001. People should be able to trust the FDA and their doctors, and Vioxx delivered the hard lesson that this is not always the best approach. While Vioxx is a sad story for the medical community and its patients, a Vioxx attorney can give you the tools and resources needed to fight back.