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Ninety-one million prescriptions were written in the United States for the use of Vioxx. Vioxx was created as a new generation of arthritis drugs, a COX 2 inhibitor. A COX 2 inhibitor is an anti-inflammatory, nonsteroidal drug that works much like Naproxen and ibuprofen. Vioxx was designed to alleviate arthritis pain without any of the noticeable side effects that were commonly associated with similar medications of the time. Vioxx, however, soon proved to be more deadly than could have ever been anticipated. Several medical studies have since proven that the chronic use of Vioxx has caused users to suffer from heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. It was reported that over 30,000 people have died in the United States from prolonged use of Vioxx.

Vioxx was thought to be some kind of miracle pill that could effectively alleviate pain associated with arthritis, pain from menstrual cramps, and acute pain in adults all in a single capsule. Arthritis is characterized by the swelling of joints in the body and the gradual breakdown of cartilage surrounding the bones. This disease causes the bones to rub against one another, eventually deteriorating. Arthritis sufferers are forced to live with pain on a daily basis. Over the years, arthritis can even become crippling. However, Vioxx proved to be more damaging than the arthritis itself. Common side effects associated with the use of Vioxx include respiratory infections, respiratory inflammation, swelling of the legs and feet, stomach pain, heart burn, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, urinary track infections, headaches, tiredness, and high blood pressure. Vioxx users have reported several different types of liver problems and less severe complications, including nausea, flu-like symptoms, tiredness, itching and tenderness in the right-upper abdomen. Allergic reactions to Vioxx usually cause painful swelling in the throat, tongue, lips, and face. Some users who suffered from these allergic reactions also had trouble breathing and difficulty swallowing. Vioxx use has also been known to cause intestinal and stomach hemorrhaging.

The most recent studies, financed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), found that, out of 40,405 patients studied, there was a 50 percent higher chance of heart attacks and cardiac deaths than from other painkillers. Merck and Co. questioned the study, suggesting that observational data is not a reliable resource of information. Nevertheless, as of 2007, the company funded approximately $4.85 billion dollars in settlements from personal injury and unlawful death claims filed against them. It is unlikely that the company would reach settlements so quickly if they were not guilty of fraud. Still, thousands of claims are still pending, and even more people are recuperating from the damages suffered as a result of long-term use of this drug.

The advertising campaign for Vioxx was priceless. Famous Olympic figure skater, Dorothy Hamil, claimed that, after using Vioxx, she was able to continue her skating career and no longer suffered from knee problems. Sid Wolfe, a revered physician, also claimed that Vioxx was safe for use. Nevertheless, sufferers from this drug's severe side effects tell a different story, one that is sad and tragic. If you are a resident of the state of Georgia and have suffered due to the use of Vioxx, please contact a lawyer. A lawyer can process your claim and inform you of any monetary compensation you are entitled to. Georgia statute of limitations laws allow two years to file personal injury and product liability claims. They also allow you two years to file lawsuits for fraud. There is still time to pursue reparations for your medical expenses and emotional distress.

The speculation over the nature of this drug has led to many reform movements. Many suggest that the federal government does not do enough to regulate and monitor the sale of prescription drugs. Many complain that the government relies too heavily on pharmaceutical company studies, without knowing the true, long-term safety hazards. There is little indication that the drugs on the market have ever been proven to be safe. As a result of this ordeal, other companies have been held accountable for product liability and fraudulence. These types of standards are setting new precedence for our country.