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Vioxx was a prescription drug released for public use in the year 1999. Merck and Co. was the pharmaceutical leader that created and marketed the drug. Vioxx was part of a new era of arthritis medications that were suppose to alleviate arthritis pain without any of the harmful side effects commonly associated with similar medicines. In medical studies, Vioxx has been linked to increased chances of suffering from life-threatening complications, including heart attacks, strokes, or blood clots. If you are a resident of Hawaii and have suffered from a medical ailment due to the use of Vioxx, please contact a lawyer. A lawyer is more than willing to discuss your rights with you to assist you through this trying time.

Although Merck and Co. ensured the FDA that data from clinical studies was authentic, it was also determined that the company had not used a placebo group in their study, insisting that to do so would have been unethical, since this group would receive no pain relief. Nevertheless, the FDA was skeptical of Merck's scientific methods, stating that it yielded inconclusive and inaccurate data. Consequently, a number of studies were conducted, but the methods were carefully monitored by the FDA. Merck was required to submit all data from these ongoing studies. Later presentations of the data caused suspicions, as some of the information presented suggested that patients stood a higher chance of cardiovascular diseases, while others did not. Also, at meetings with Merck presenters, the FDA questioned many of the company's methods of study, as well as the conclusion made to never use high doses of the drug, a fact that the medication's packaging materials did not fully indicate. Many speculate that Merck and Co. knew about the cardiovascular risks from use of Vioxx, but chose to withhold this information. As a result, the data the FDA received was a misrepresentation, and patients were at higher risks than had previously been thought. Not only did the public begin to view pharmaceutical companies with distrust, but they also felt the FDA was partially responsible for not taking tougher initiatives to prevent drug hazards.

Some common but less severe complications of the drug include stomach pains, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, urinary track infections, swelling of the legs and feet, high blood pressure, and a feeling of tiredness. Vioxx users have also reportedly suffered from stomach and intestinal bleeding. Many times, this type of hemorrhaging presents no symptoms or warning signs. Allergic reactions to the drug have caused people to experience uncomfortable swelling of the lips, face, tongue, and throat. This type of swelling is potentially life-threatening because it can prevent one from breathing normally when not controlled. Worsening of chronic kidney disorders, complete kidney failure, and liver diseases have also been connected to this drug. Typical symptoms of liver disorders are tiredness, nausea, tenderness in the abdomen, itching, and flu-like symptoms. If left untreated, these side effects can lead to hospitalization, or even death.

During the mighty reign of Vioxx, Merck and Co. was making a yearly profit that has been estimated at over $2 billion. This was a deadly game of numbers, in which profits held the upper hand. Do not allow yourself to be victimized. If you or a loved one are residents of the state of Hawaii and have suffered from medical illnesses due to the use of Vioxx, contact a lawyer immediately. A lawyer can help you process your claim and detail how much compensation you are rightfully entitled to. Reparations may cover medical bills, doctors appointments, and surgery costs. More importantly, filing a lawsuits allows you to stand up to the pharmaceutical giant that took advantage of you for personal gains. Hawaii statute of limitations laws state that product liability and personal injury claims must be filed within two years, so it is important to act quickly. Filing legal suites can be a timely endeavor, but should not prevent you from taking necessary steps to uphold your rights. Contact an attorney in your area who is qualified and willing to handle your case.