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Arthritis is a chronic, degenerative disease of the joints. Overtime, the cartilage surrounding the joints wears down, causing bones to painfully rub against one another. Although there is no cure for this disorder, many people, particularly over the age of 65, rely on pain medications for relief of symptoms associated with this disease. It is predicted that over 46 million Americans suffer from this disease, relying on effective medications to relieve their pain. More than ever, these people rely on marketed prescriptions to alleviate the pain, trusting the pharmaceutical companies that supply them. Nevertheless, there are have been increasing accounts of prescription drug recalls in the United States due to the adverse side effects they can cause.

Vioxx is a prescription drug intended to relieve joint pain caused by chronic cases of arthritis. It was also commonly used a a pain reliever for menstrual cramps. It is considered an anti-inflammatory, nonsteroidal drug, frequently used in older patients. Based on results from studies conducted by Merck & Co., the makers of Vioxx, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug for sale on the market in 1999. Little did they know that, however, that Merck & Co. had deliberately tampered with results of clinical studies. It was alleged that the pharmaceutical giant modified data, which presented officials with misrepresented information. Much data concerning adverse health effects the drug could inflict on patients was withheld. The company continued to sell the drug despite cases of cardiovascular complications and cardiac arrests.

Later, after cause for concern over the growing number of complications arising from use of this drug, the FDA contacted Merck & Co. to recommend warning label changes. Later, the FDA conducted studies, which proved that, among patients studied, 50 percent had increased chances of developing cardiovascular problems as a result of using Vioxx when compared to other painkillers. At the time of this study, nearly 20 million Americans were using the drug as a form of pain relief. In September, of 2004, the FDA contacted the company concerning these issues. The following day, when officials met to discuss the matter, Merck & Co. executives stated that would voluntarily be withdrawing the product from the market. At that point, growing suspicions of fraudulence were beginning to brew.

It is estimated that by 2007, Merck & Co. had spent nearly $4.85 billion dollars in settlements costs for claims of personal injuries and product liability filed against them. Additional studies have since been conducted on the drug, revealing shocking statistics. Reportedly, one case study revealed that one quarter of patients studied experienced some form of cardiovascular complication or cardiac arrest within the first two weeks of taking the medicine. Earlier studies have indicated that the drug posed few threats, unless taken longer than 18 months. Merck & Co. denied the allegations, stating that observational studies are not reliable sources of information, and results are, therefore, inconclusive. Yet, it is an undeniable fact that the company was forced to pay the price for attempting to deceive the public.

If you or someone you know has taken Vioxx in the past and experienced heart problems soon after, contact a personal injury, product liability, or pharmaceutical attorney immediately. You may have enough evidence to file a claim against Merck & Co. for your financial losses and emotional distress. If you suffered from the loss of a loved one as a result of this product, you may even be able to file additional claims for unlawful death. Whatever your specific case may be, it is important to gather relevant documents quickly. Medical records, doctor bills, medical history, and any other information summoned by your attorney should be located. Because timing is a concern, be sure to act quickly. New Hampshire statute of limitations laws enforce strict guidelines regarding the amount of time available to file such claims. A qualified attorney can explain all necessary information and litigation processes at a consultation meeting. If your life is at stake, if your health has been irreversibly damaged, or if you have suffered from the loss of a loved one, consider locating a lawyer to help you make legal claims against responsible parties.