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What Is Vioxx?
Vioxx is considered a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug. It is designed to relieve pain suffered from acute arthritis and severe menstrual cramping. It is commonly referred by its generic name, Rofecoxib. Merck & Co., makers of the pain medication, took in approximately $2.5 billion dollars from Vioxx sales. However, this amount was insignificant compared to the amounts executives would later spend in reparations from this product.

Public Scrutiny
Vioxx was originally approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in May of 1999. After recommendations to modify warning labels, the drug was placed on the market. Evidence suggests that the makers of this drug had intentionally misled the public in terms of the safety of this drug. Apparently, when clinical studies were initiated, data results suggested that patients stood an increased risks of developing cardiovascular problems, particularly if the medication had been taken longer than 18 months. The study, conducted by the Data Safety Monitoring Board had been ceased early because of potential health threats to patients. Moreover, evidence suggests that data may have been manipulated, withholding key elements of the study from the public. In other words, Merck & Co. had deliberately misrepresented findings in order to continue with sales. Consequently, the FDA met with the pharmaceutical company on September 28, 2004, at which point, Merck announced that Vioxx would be withdrawn from the market. A public health advisory was released by the FDA. By this time, however, Vioxx had already been sold to over 20 million Americans all over the country.

The speculation over the nature of this drug has led to many reform movements. Many suggest that the federal government does not do enough to regulate and monitor the sale of prescription drugs. Many complain that the government relies too heavily on pharmaceutical company studies, without knowing the true, long-term safety hazards. There is little indication that the drugs on the market have ever been proven to be safe. As a result of this ordeal, other companies have been held accountable for product liability and fraudulence. These types of standards are setting new precedence for our country.

Side Effects and Legal Claims
The most recent studies, financed by the FDA, found that out of 40,405 patients studied, there was a 50 percent higher chance of heart attacks and cardiac deaths than from other painkillers. Merck & Co. questioned the study, suggesting that observational data is not a reliable resource of information. Nevertheless, as of 2007, the company funded approximately $4.85 billion dollars in settlements from personal injury and unlawful death claims filed against them. It is unlikely that the company would reach settlements so quickly if they were not guilty of fraud. Still, thousands of claims are still pending, and even more people are recuperating from the damages suffered as a result of long-term use of this drug.

If you or a loved one have taken Vioxx to alleviate arthritis pain, and were uninformed of its potential hazards, your first step is to contact a person injury, product liability, or pharmaceutical attorney, preferably someone with experience managing Vioxx claims or other prescription drug lawsuits. Hospitalization, medical bills, and lost wages are damaging prices to pay, financially and emotionally. As a result of this drug, you may be facing long-term health problems. A qualified attorney can offer you solutions to these problems by walking you through necessary litigation processes. Not only did a company sell you an inadequate, potentially life-threatening product, but they attempting to deceive the public by withholding significant data. This is not a case of negligence, but an example of fraud, an act you should not have to pay the price for. New Mexico statute of limitations laws require individuals to file personal injury and product liability claims within three years from when the injuries were first discovered. There is still time to take legal action, but efficiency is best. Let an attorney take on the legal responsibilities of your claim. He or she can uphold our rights, defeating a company that has intentionally tried to deceive you for personal gains.