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In 2004, millions of people were shocked by the dramatic recall of the popular prescription painkiller Vioxx. By this time, over 80 million individuals had been prescribed the drug. When they learned that it might have put them at an increased risk of dangerous cardiovascular problems like blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes, they were worried and disillusioned.

As people who endured heart problems caused by Vioxx began to speak up, a nationwide response to pharmaceutical giant Merck, the maker of Vioxx, sprung up in the courts. Since 2005, thousands of people have taken the drug company to court for its unlawful deception, and many of them have been successful.

In 1999, people were excited and optimistic about Vioxx, or Rofecoxib, which alleviated the serious aches and pains of arthritis and menstruation, apparently without side effects. Many painkillers of its kind were accompanied by gastric problems that sometimes did not seem worth it for those who wanted relief from their pain. Vioxx was a great alternative for these individuals.

Little did they know, however, that by taking Vioxx, they were putting their health at risk. In Texas, Merck was blamed for the death of a 59-year-old marathon runner and was responsible for compensation of almost 300 million dollars. Considering that Merck carried over two billion dollars to the bank from sales of Vioxx, this amount posed little threat to the company. You deserve as much financial compensation as you can get if you have used Vioxx and were harmed as a result. Contacting a law firm is the most logical first step.

In 2001, only a few years after Vioxx was initially introduced into the market, clinical trials were conducted that revealed the dangers of the drug early on. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning to Merck about Vioxx's potential hazards followed up the findings, but Merck waited until 2004 to recall the drug. This delayed response is currently under investigation and is something you should keep a watchful eye on if you used Vioxx, especially over a long period of time. A Vioxx attorney can help you sort through medical records, begin an investigation, and seek a reasonable settlement.

Product liability laws are on your side. A manufacturer is legally obligated to disclose the risks of its product, especially if it is advertising a medicine. The risk of potentially fatal heart problems was hardly worth the pain relief, and if doctors and patients were informed about this risk, Vioxx would not have been prescribed so commonly. By keeping this information hidden from the public for four years, Merck was committing an unethical and illegal act. A Vioxx attorney is not only well versed in product liability law, but is also an expert on Vioxx. If you were an unfortunate victim of Merck's false advertising, there is no one better to turn to than a Vioxx lawyer.

Medical bills, surgery costs, and lost wages should all be considered when sitting down with your lawyer to discuss settlements. Yet, injuries and deaths can never be fully reconciled with a sum of money alone. By filing a liability suits against the offending party, you ensure that future generations are protected from dangerous medications. When trusting a doctor to provide you with the medical advice you need, never would you expect that the medications you receive for your ailments are life-threatening. Whenever a company withholds product information from the public deliberately, with the goal of profits more crucial than all others, legal action must be taken. Contacting an attorney to walk you through litigation processes is a step in the right direction. One should never have to endure legal responsibilities alone.