Parents Accept Settlement From Teacher Accused Of Bullying


The parents of a 4th grade boy, who was allegedly bullied by his teacher, have reached a settlement with the teacher after initially filing a lawsuit seeking one hundred and fifty five thousand dollars over the incident. The teacher was accused of bullying their son, Matthew Artinian.

The lawsuit was originally filed against the accused teacher, Mary Kanavaros, the English Montreal School Board, and the principle of the school. The accused teacher worked at Roslyn School, where she is accused of bullying the couple’s son.

The boy’s father said that he was still happy with the settlement even though the matter had stayed out of court because it had still enabled them to make their point as parents. He said: “It was done in the interest of every child in that classroom.”

A lawyer for the teacher, who now teaches Grade 1, stated: “Our position all along was our client never did anything wrong. She handles a class of 28 or 30 children and it’s not something that’s easy all the time. You have to basically take measures and make sure children will learn.”


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