Can I Get Paid for Missed Work after a Car Accident? 


Can I Get Paid for Missed Work after a Car Accident? 

The No-Fault insurance coverage entitles you to receive income coverage if you are the injured party in a car accident. 

No-Fault Law 

 As per this law, those who have no choice but to miss work due to injuries from a car accident will receive medical and lost wages coverage. Consequences of an accident include lengthy hospital and medical bills. To compensate for those, the No-Fault law speeds up the process so that the injured party does not have to deal with an extended litigation process. 

Out of the twelve states that employ this law, New York is the prime example of people who miss work due to vehicle accidents and receive full coverage. However, you need to meet a certain criterion for being eligible for the law.  These include: 

To earn eligibility for the insurance, you must send proof of your employment from your insurance company. We also refer to this as wage verification.

You will also have to send a medical certificate from a certified doctor. It should state that you have sustained injuries from a car accident, due to which you will be unable to attend work.

In the case of self-employment, your insurance company will seek some validation. This may include bank statements or tax returns of the previous two or three years as evidence.

Once you meet this criterion, there are some factors of the law that you must abide by. Let’s take a look at them below: 

No-Fault insurance offers $50,000. This sum is to cover your medical expenses and your lost income until you exhaust this coverage.  

You must note that the law will provide only 80% of your income in case of lost income. This percentage will amount to $2000 per month roughly.  

You must also take note that in several cases, the $2,000 sum is often not enough. This is especially pertinent to those on Long Island, where monthly expenses exceed far beyond $2,000.  

Reimbursement- Another Source 

While the sum of $50,000 may sound like a lot, in truth, it is insufficient to cover your medical bills as well as your expenses. If you are especially seriously injured, costs can pile up rather quickly. In this case, you can avail coverage, especially if you’re in New York. 

These include meeting the threshold for serious injury so that you can file a complaint against the responsible party. You can demand complete coverage for unpaid medical bills, uncovered lost income, and coverage for bodily suffering from injuries, from the at-fault person’s insurance company.  

Final Thoughts 

There is some good news for those who suffer injuries and miss out on work as a result of a car accident. Certain laws exist to compensate for your lost income, such as the No-Fault law. However, even more, facilities exist by law, at which point, providing evidence of serious injury, you can receive complete coverage for medical and personal expenses.  

However, you must note to claim eligibility for any provisional law; an employment contract is compulsory. In the absence of a contract, employers most likely will not provide coverage despite your disability.,injury%20resulting%20from%20the%20accident. 






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