Passengers File Lawsuit Over Missed Plane Inspections


Passengers have filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines, claiming that it failed to carry out necessary inspections on airplanes that they traveled on. Four passengers from Alabama have filed the lawsuit, stating that the airline failed to carry out safety inspection on planes for sic years, thus breaking its contract with passengers.

The lawsuit seeks class action status, and was filed in federal court in Birmingham last week. The lawsuit claims reckless operation of an aircraft, negligence, unjust enrichment, and breach of contract. According to a lawyer for the plaintiffs a class action suit could involve hundred of thousands of passengers that flew with the airline from January 2002 onwards.

The lawsuit claims that the airline flouted government regulations and breached contracts with passengers by failing to carry out the checks over the six year period. It seeks reimbursement of passenger tickets as a result of this.

The lawsuit also seeks punitive damages claiming that the airline failed to ground planes that had been deemed unworthy of flying due to safety issues based on government standards.


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