PetSmart Sued Over Deaths


The pet store PetSmart is being sued following the deaths of three people, who died as a result of having infected organs transplanted into them. According to reports the organs that were used on the three patients were infected with a rodent virus, and it was found that the woman whose organs had been used in the transplants had been infected by a hamster that she had bought at PetSmart.

One woman, whose husband, Thomas Magee, died after receiving an infected liver, said that the pet store should have warned customers that hamsters could carry this virus. The hamster was bought at a PetSmart store in Warwick, Rhode Island.

A spokesperson for the PetSmart chain said that the virus is not a common one. Although he did not comment on the case, he did state: “It’s not a common disease in pets. It’s not something that’s tested routinely by us or others.”

Mr Magee was aged just fifty four when he died following the organ transplant, and Mrs Magee is now suing on behalf of herself and her three children, stating that PetSmart had a duty to warn consumers about the possibility of infection from hamsters.


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