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Most people believe that the only way to recover damages for a construction accident is to file a workers' compensation claim. However, each accident comes with its own unique circumstances, which may weigh heavily on the outcome. With proper representation, these circumstances may translate into a civil claim which can be filed simultaneously with the workers' compensation claim. There may be someone other than the employer upon whom liability can be pinned, someone such as a subcontractor, a foreman, an architect, an engineer, or even the manufacturer of a faulty product or piece of machinery.

Additionally, a person who has been injured simply when passing by a construction accident, but who isn't employed there, can bring a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party.

An Arizona construction accident attorney is just the person to assess the accident. The attorney will skillfully analyze all of the evidence, including medical records, your own information, witness statements, the work site itself and incident reports, in order to determine liability. The attorney will then use this information to establish a cause of action as well as the damages due to the client.

Construction accident cases often hinge on liability, especially when the injured party is not an employee of the construction company on site. After the evidence is reviewed and liability is established, a defendant still has to be named. This person may be far removed from the actual physical site. Often there are several tiers of subsidiary companies which stand between the site manager and the company's owners. The attorney can sift through the layers to find the owner of the company and name them as the defendant in the case. Because of the complexity involved, this feat would be difficult to accomplish for the layperson. One of the hazards experienced by the unrepresented plaintiff is the inability to trace company ownership, which delays legal action.

Construction site accidents may have many causes, including the negligence of other site workers, mistakes and negligence caused by those under the influence of alcohol or drugs, defective machinery, or the inappropriate behavior of other site workers. Other injuries may be caused by a circumstance on the site itself, such as defective scaffolding, or other equipment, the improper use of equipment, falling loads due to improper handling, materials left around causing tripping or falling, falling structures, or other harm caused by equipment.

Employees injured on the construction site may file a workers' compensation claim and stop there. However, a construction accident attorney can determine if there is an additional claim against a third party such as a supplier, manufacturer, or subcontractor who may be responsible for the accident. An attorney can advise the employee during the course of the workers' compensation claim in order to receive the maximum benefits allowed by Arizona state and federal law.

Unfortunately, innocent bystanders also may become injured by a construction accident. Others, besides construction workers, can be injured in a construction side accident. From a piece of machinery or material falling outside the actual site to tripping over debris left on the sidewalk left during a construction project, serious injuries to innocent people can be the unfortunate result.

If you have been injured on or near a construction site, whether as a worker or a bystander, and wish to ensure that you are well compensated for any injuries incurred on a construction site, consult a construction accident attorney. It's important to do so as soon as possible after the accident, in order to determine the full extent of your case and of the compensation to which you may be entitled.


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