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Construction, with its heavy machinery, construction vehicles, changeable conditions, and heights, can be a very dangerous field. In fact, construction fatalities account for one-fifth of all workplace fatalities in the United States. Only agricultural workers and miners experience more accidents on the workplace than construction workers.

There are strict safety protocols put in place at every construction site. The federal government enforces a strict code of safety through agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), but not even the strictest standards can eliminate all accidents.

In California, employers are required to purchase workers' compensation insurance in order to both protect themselves from excessive litigation brought by injured workers, and to ensure that workers who sustain injuries get some form of compensation. Although this system generally works well, it does have some flaws. For example, sometimes the injured worker finds that some of their injuries or expenses have been denied by the company's insurer. The compensation package may not include provisions for any future injuries which may develop as a result of the initial accident. It also may not provide damages for pain and suffering. Furthermore, if a manufacturer or subcontractor was at fault for the accident, they may not be held responsible for their negligent acts if the injured party goes through the workers' compensation system. Fortunately for the injured worker, there are construction accident attorneys who specialize in cases such as these.

Construction site accidents are caused by various reasons, including negligence of other site workers, mistakes and negligence caused by those under the influence of alcohol or drugs, defective machinery, or inappropriate behavior of other site workers. Injuries can also result from defective scaffolding, defective machinery, the improper use of machinery or equipment, falling loads due to improper handling, falling structures, or chemical accidents which can cause burns.

Despite all of the safeguards on the jobsite, accidents due to negligence still occur. The person(s) liable could be your employer, another worker at the site, a contractor, or the manufacturer depending on your case. A lawyer will be able to determine who can be held responsible, based upon the facts provided and the circumstances surrounding the accident. An attorney can also help those accident victims who have been denied workers' compensation, or who aren't even eligible.

A California construction accident attorney is a personal injury lawyer who specializes in cases of injury in and around a construction site. They assist injured employees with workers' compensation claims, ensuring that they receive the maximum benefits allowed by law. The attorney represents all of their injured clients inside and outside of the courtroom by gathering and presenting evidence, negotiating settlements, arguing a claim, and much more. A California construction attorney is well-versed in all local, state and federal laws relating to construction accident law and liability, and is therefore able to utilize these laws in each client's best interests.

Assigning liability in each case is crucial. The construction accident lawyer is adept at conducting thorough investigations into the true causes of an accident. Ample resources are used to gather this evidence as well as witnesses, both expert and eyewitnesses. Together, this information serves to create a line of liability from the initial injury to the defendant in the case. The line may lead to the supplier of faulty equipment, the subcontractor who violated OSHA safety regulations, or the foreman who ordered workers to perform in unsafe conditions. In these scenarios and many others, the construction accident attorney works to obtain the best possible outcome for the client.

Anyone injured in or around a construction site should consult an attorney before proceeding with legal action. It is the only way to ensure that your rights are protected. Your California construction accident attorney lawyer should be contacted as soon as possible in order to prove who was at fault. They will gather information from witnesses, you, and from the job site itself. In order to receive the full compensation you deserve, don't delay.


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