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Every year, millions of people experience an injury or illness, or are even killed, due to an accident on a construction site. Construction is the third-most dangerous occupation, behind mining and agriculture. Despite the fact that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets and enforces standards concerning workplace safety and health, there are still many accidents on construction sites each year. Not even the most stringent precautions can stop accidents from happening, especially in a place where there is heavy machinery, construction vehicles, scaffolding and forklifts, changeable conditions and other hazards.

Construction site accidents can be attributed to many causes, but some of the most common include the negligence, intoxication or inappropriate behavior of other workers, negligence on the part of the employer, faulty machinery, defective products, or working while intoxicated.

Construction accidents can be severe, ranging from temporary illness to permanent disability, disfigurement and even death. Common injuries include fractures, strains, sprains, bruising, lacerations, contusions, concussions, back injuries, head or brain injuries, neck injuries such as whiplash, dismemberments, burns and overuse injuries or repetitive motion injuries.

Construction workers aren't the only people at risk. Innocent bystanders and passersby have also suffered from accidents in and around the job site. For anyone injured in an accident on or near a construction site, the subsequent legal process can be very daunting.

It is unwise to venture upon a construction accident lawsuit if you are inexperienced or unrepresented. The defendant is usually a part of a major corporation, and is backed by a highly experienced team of lawyers. These professionals work in the best interest of their client interests that are often in conflict with those of the victim or plaintiff. Manipulation, deceit, and other hostile tactics are used to achieve the desired goal, leaving the injured party uncompensated for their injuries.

This is most often the case in workers' compensation cases, where injured workers are encouraged to go through the claims process unrepresented. Although the victim of a construction-scene accident can navigate alone through the Colorado state workers' compensation system, most find that a lawyer is essential in obtaining the maximum benefits to which the worker is entitled.

A non-employee who has been injured on or near a construction site needs an attorney to advise them on their potential personal injury case. A construction accident attorney will work to represent the best interest of his client, and is skilled both in negotiating settlements outside of the courtroom, and arguing clients' claims inside the courtroom. Often a construction accident attorney is even more knowledgeable than the defendant's attorneys on the Colorado state laws, as well as OSHA regulations, because of his or her experience and specialization.

Hiring an attorney is a step toward ensuring that your rights are protected inside and outside of the courtroom, whether you are bringing a workers' compensation claim or civil suit. A construction accident attorney can ensure that you receive the maximum benefits allowed by law, and will also work hard to see that the liable parties are punished for their negligent actions. Consult an attorney immediately after any on-the-job accident to get your case started on the right track.


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