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Accidents involving construction work are uniquely challenging. An employee generally cannot sue his or her employer, and on the surface, this may seem impossible to get past. An experienced Connecticut construction accident lawyer attorney will be familiar with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines. In addition to their seasoned knowledge with the law, your attorney will also understand that parties other than the employer may be responsible. Upon further research, they will be able to aid you in your fight for the compensation you deserve.

The state of Connecticut has a workers' compensation system, which is meant to compensate workers for their injuries, without establishing fault. Despite its convenience, the workers' compensation system is often a quagmire of legal issues that most injured workers are ill-equipped to deal with alone. There are also construction accident injuries which involve people who aren't employed on the job site, and who therefore can't seek remedy through the worker compensation system.

Construction site accidents can be caused by dangerous conditions on the site, or the inappropriate behavior or negligence of other workers on the site. Construction locations, due to their very nature, are more dangerous than nearly any other workplace. There are heavy loads, heights, machinery, equipment, vehicles, and changeable conditions. Moreover, since construction is such a physical occupation, an injury which might seem minor to another worker such as a sprain or fracture could prevent a construction employee from working at all.

Other people besides construction workers can also be injured in a construction side accident. A piece of machinery or material could fall outside the actual site, or debris could be left on the sidewalk left during a construction project, leading to a fall. If you have been injured as a non-employee on a construction work site, contact a Connecticut construction accident lawyer attorney to see if you have a personal injury case.

For those workers having difficulty with the system and non-workers who seeking compensation, there are Connecticut construction accident attorneys. These personal injury lawyers specialize in obtaining redress for their injured clients, and are skilled in arguing their client's claim on the courtroom floor, or negotiating settlements at the conference table. No matter where the case takes place, the construction accident attorney is there to ensure that the client's rights are well protected.

Many injured workers do try and manage their own workers' compensation claim, without any legal assistance. They often find out in the appeals phase that the employer and the insurance company have both retained attorneys, neither of which are open to leniency for the worker. The plaintiff usually receives only a pittance in benefits, and may not receive any possibility of benefits for future injuries that result from the initial accident. They may also have left behind any chance of damages for disability, pain, and suffering. There is also the missed opportunity to bring action against a third party, such as the manufacturer of faulty equipment, or the foreman who oversaw performance in an unsafe environment.

To guarantee that you receive every penny of the benefits and damages that are possible for your injury, consult a construction accident attorney. They are well versed in all laws, statutes and regulations that govern this arm of personal injury law, and they will fight for your best interest. They will gather information from you, other witnesses, and from the job site itself in order to prove who was at fault. It is best to contact a Connecticut construction accident lawyer attorney as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to prove that someone else was liable. Get the compensation you deserve and contact an attorney today.


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