Construction Accident And Broken And/or Fractured Bones

While a broken bone may seem to be a natural consequence of the construction business, it may in fact lead to more serious medical complications. With the economy always being unpredictable, being out of work can lead to financial problems, and strains on your personal life. Job related injuries can lead to rehabilitation, medical intervention, strong medications, all of which makes returning to work questionable. Accidents happen, especially in dangerous jobs like the construction field, however your health and livelihood shouldn't suffer.

When a bone becomes splintered, cracked, or bisected as a result of some physical trauma a bone is fractured. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the healing process may take several weeks to heal. Whereas, some broken and fractured bones are more intrusive and may need months before being back to normal. Nevertheless, any time spent away from work equates to lost wages, which further effects the financial constraints on your entire family.

Unfortunately, construction accidents happen more frequently than employers would like. The nature of the job is typically very physically taxing on the body. A worker can be following all of the safety precautions and still end up with a broken bone because of an accident that occurred on the site. Even long after the cast comes off, the ripple effects of an injury can be long-term. Make sure that you are compensated appropriately for your work related injuries. Your recovery may prove to be more difficult than originally anticipated, which may include chronic pain, a pain killer dependency, and other disorders such as RSDS, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome). As well as, arthritis, bone infections, compartment syndrome, and nerve or blood vessel damage. A typical day of work can turn into weeks, and months, or recovery for you. Take your injury seriously, you never know what kind of complication will arise as time passes during your recovery. Do not take the wait-and-see approach, every injury has the potential to lead to a more grave condition.

A broken or fractured bone can be caused by any number to situations on a construction site. For example, a fall, faulty equipment, accidents, heavy machinery malfunction, co-worker negligence, construction vehicle accidents, slips and trips, and many other dangerous possibilities. If you broke your bone on the job site as a result to work activities, you may qualify for workers' compensation. Also, there may be third parties that are liable as well. A third party may be identified as equipment manufacturers, equipment maintenance, or subcontractors. Additional dangers may be a result of negligent supervisors, cost-cutting measures, hastily rushing to meet deadlines enforced by management, lack of training, or even adequate language translation. The reasons for the injury are many, but the underlying issue is that you will be out of work for a period of time, and you shouldn't have to monetarily suffer.

Reacting quickly after your injury can be to you benefit. You are more likely able to collect witness testimonials, preserve evidence, take picture documentation, and most importantly, make sure your rights are being protected. An experienced, and qualified lawyer knows how to navigate workers compensation laws and labor laws that can get you the money you need to recover completely. You may be entitled to money for your pain and suffering, lost income, medical benefits, loss of consortium, loss of pension, loss of healthcare benefits. You have already suffered a physical injury, such as a broken or fractured bone, don't let any facet of your life suffer anymore.

If you feel that your accident was the result of negligence or unsafe working conditions of some kind then you quite possibly might have a chance to put in a claim against your employer. Remember that it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that working conditions are safe for their employees, and if not, then they need to be held accountable. If you feel that a claim might be an option, contact a lawyer immediately in order to discuss the situation further.


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