Construction Accident And Death

According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2007 the construction industry lead in the most work-related fatalities of any other private sector industry, as it has for the past five years. Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces in the nation, and the dangers can affect workers of all levels of experience. The statistics are staggering, considering that a simple day at work could end your life. In the case that something should happen to you at a construction site, your family may be entitled to collect financial compensation.

Deaths at construction sites can occur from a large number of potential hazards. The cause could stem from unsafe working conditions and unsafe work practices by anyone on site. For example, machines and tools can malfunction and crash. Another danger is falling, typically from high elevations and scaffolding. Debris and falling objects can hit ground-level workers. Blast injuries can be a result of the toxic gases that are used at construction sites, hence explosions can be deadly. Due to the severe nature of the injuries, workers can suffer from broken bones, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, paraplegia, and even death. Industrial accidents lead to personal injury and sometimes death. Yes, the career is dangerous, however that does not mean that you have to pay with your life.

The economic value of the pain and suffering before death often are incorporated in the damages awarded. In some cases, if the deceased was a union member, the claim can be quite high. Oftentimes, pain and suffering is determined by the length of suffering, the type of injury, and the conscious knowledge that the victim understood that he/she was dying. The details are often as important as the end result. Be sure to document all of the contributing factors that led to the unfortunate ending. Understandably this is a very difficult time in your families life, however holding those responsible accountable will help your family financially after the inevitable has occurred.

Lawyers, Construction Accidents & Death
If you suspect that the death of a construction worker close to you was the result of negligence at the workplace then it is highly recommended that you get in touch with a lawyer immediately. It is quite understandable that you might want to wait a while; many people are nervous initially about contacting lawyers and at the same time feel guilty about trying to get money from the employer instead of properly grieving for the loss of their loved one.

There is more at stake than just money during a lawsuit or other court action; there is also accountability. Every lawsuit that is filed against an employer is a lawsuit that is attempting to hold them accountable for his or her actions as well as attempting to make sure that nobody else has to go through what the plaintiff has had to go through. It is quite possible that your lawsuit, especially if filed quickly, might prevent the same kind of negligent accident from happening to somebody else, and really what better service could you do to the memory of your loved one?

Lawyers that work in these types of situations are some of the most understanding because they understand the pain and suffering people go through in relation to loss due to negligence. Lawyers in this field are hard working and do everything they can in order to secure their client a settlement. There are a number of different lawyers that handle their cases in different ways, but they all essentially have the same approach; they are trying to get you what it is you desire through the lawsuit.


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