Construction Accident FAQ

What are the most common types of construction accidents?

Construction site accidents are likely to occur at any given point in time and can cause injury to employees or innocent bystanders, through no fault of their own. The most common accidents that occur arise from falling objects from highly elevated areas, such as buildings and lifts. Other accidents that take place have to do with faulty equipment. Malfunctioning machinery and electric shocks are not unheard of. Another type of accident is classified as a trip-and-fall incident. In such cases, workers fall from scaffolds or trip over machinery, causing injuries. Fires are sometimes unavoidable because construction workers must come into contact with flammable chemical toxins. If careless, combustion is possible. Even when precautions are taken, accidents in this line of work can happen.

What injuries can I sustain from construction accidents?

The most common traumas suffered from construction accidents are head injuries. Head injuries include concussions, which are usually less serious, and traumatic brain injuries, which are often life-threatening because the skull is typically punctured, causing hemorrhaging. Even head gear cannot fully protect one from these kinds of injuries. If an object is falling and gains enough momentum, head wounds are unavoidable. Broken bones are less critical injuries obtained from slip-and-fall accidents. Most are fairly easily treatable, but no less significant. Burns are most prevalent among construction workers exposed to harsh chemicals that cause explosions. Sometimes burns are obtained from malfunctioning machines that produce electric shocks. Heavy falls, fallen objects, and dangerous equipment have been known to cause severed or damaged spinal cords. These injuries require intensive care, especially if the individual suffers from paralysis as a result. Spinal cord injuries have been known to be so serious that they can push one into a coma. In this manner, they are often the most financially draining health issue, since patients in comatose states can remain unresponsive for months, even years.

What should I do if I believe my accident was the result of company negligence?

Your first step is to locate a qualified attorney with experience handing person injury lawsuits. In order to find the best attorney to represent you, research is necessary. Check the candidate's background, previous caseloads, reputation, and years of experience. Once you locate a lawyer, call and set up an assessment meeting. More often than not, these are informal consultations, free of charge, that serve to evaluate your claims and determine if they are feasible. Many lawyers willingly defer payments until after a settlement is reached, so the risks involved are minimal. If your attorney feels you should be compensated, he or she may begin tracking down eyewitness contacts to support your case. Once witnesses are tracked down, lawyers can contact the company's insurers to file a claim and request an investigation. It is important for you to carefully document all doctor visits, hospitalization, and other relevant medical documents so that a settlement can be reached. Documents obtained must be consistent, comprehensive, and accurate in order for the best possible compensation to be awarded. If the company you work for contests your claim, your lawyer is likely to encourage you to take the claim to court proceedings. An attorney can also help you complete disability paperwork for the period during which you were unable to work, guaranteeing that your family remains financially stable.

Can I file a claim for less life-threatening injuries like a broken leg or a sprained ankle?
Any injury you suffer from is significant. Even minor wounds can prohibit you from working and can cause you distress. By law, workers are offered compensation for injuries, even if they cause no threats to your overall health or ability to perform your job in the future.

If you have experienced a construction injury while on the job and are seeking representation, there are many personal injury attorneys awaiting your call. If you have a lawyer already, but need specialized attention, he or she may be able to provide you with recommendations and references to steer your in the right direction. There are options available to you and your family while in recovery from serious injuries. An attorney is your best resource for gaining the rewards you deserve, as you gain control over your life once again.


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