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Employees in the field of construction know the risks that come with the territory. Construction jobs can have serious health consequences because injuries in this line of work are, at times, inevitable. Yet, falling victim to a construction injury does not leave you without options. Personal injury attorneys are contacted daily to ensure construction workers have safety nets to fall back on. The most common types of injuries are listed below and may help you determine whether or not an attorney is necessary:

Head Injuries
Head injuries are the most prevalent among construction workers. Head injuries come in all forms and have varying levels of seriousness. Traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and closed head injuries are not unheard of. Head injuries occur when objects fall from elevated locations, hitting an individual, trenches collapse, and debris falls on an unsuspecting victim. Less serious, closed head injuries occur when an object does not physically cut through the skull, but rather, strikes the external areas of the head. Nevertheless, these kinds of incidents are enough to cause serious long-term ramifications. Although workers are required to wear hard hats at all times, sometimes these precautions are not enough to prevent someone from experiencing serious injuries. If critical, a traumatic brain injury can cause permanent damage, loss of personality, or can be fatal. Moreover, a construction company may be held legally liable if appropriate measures were not taken to prevent such disasters.

Sometimes, defective machinery or crush injuries can be so destructive that a person is left with a severed or deteriorated spinal cord. In most cases, an accident this serious is fatal. In other instances, the patient is left permanently paralyzed. Not only does this contribute to emotional distress and depression, but the loss of mobility can prevent one from continuing work. Financial consequences are detrimental to families. No one should be left to suffer these injuries alone, and individuals are able to receive compensation for their losses. A personal injury attorney can provide you with the best resources available to guarantee that you get the compensation you deserve.

Construction incidents related to negligence include electrocution as a result of faulty equipment and exposure to toxic chemicals from the use of inadequate protective attire. Burns are inevitable consequences of such accidents. If you are subjected to burn injuries as a result of negligent behaviors through no fault of your own, you may need to take legal action. Whether they were first or third degree burns, if you get hurt on the job and are forced to take time off because of physical limitations, you can be awarded with compensations.

Coma or Loss of Consciousness
Perhaps the most costly and emotionally damaging injury for family members occurs when one is in a coma. Medical insurance reimbursements are not limitless, and eventually, medical expenses can push family members into a corner. Similarly, individuals are forced out of work while caring for their loved ones. Hospitalization for injuries as serious as these is costly, and without the help of a personal injury attorney, individuals find themselves without the capital they desperately need. Workers compensation and disability funds are attainable, but it is best to rely on a lawyer to help you make conscientious decisions and sort through the paperwork.

What You Should Do in the Event of an Accident
Any injury, small or large, has significance. In order for a company to be held accountable for the injuries you have experienced, you must first contact a qualified attorney. You can seek advisement from an attorney by setting up a consultation meeting. At this point, the attorney can review your history to determine if your case if feasible. Once hired, a personal injury attorney may help you gain settlements out of court. However, in order to obtain compensation, paperwork must be filed in a timely manner. It is the job of your lawyer to walk you through these litigation processes. Your attorney is also responsible for helping you detect insurance and negligence claims that can help you maintain financial stability during these trying times. More importantly, selecting a qualified personal injury attorney with experience in the field helps you uphold your legal rights. He or she should be sympathetic to your needs and help you regain control of your life.


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