Construction Accidents And Traumatic Brain Injury

It is rather unfortunate that construction workers are among the most likely of any profession to sustain serious injury during the course of their work. First, it is important to note that positions in construction are one of the most dangerous simply because the threat of accidents and injuries is always present. And conditions don't help: construction workers are often in a situation that is difficult to keep safe. The tools they use are heavy, and sometimes dangerous to operate. Second, the nature of construction work is conducive to dangerous accidents, as workers complete tasks on unfinished buildings that can rise many stories above ground level, and the instability of the job site can lead to less-than-secure conditions.

All of these different aspects serve to make the job very difficult, and people who have suffered from construction accidents would be able to tell you just how difficult the job is. Construction accidents cause injuries which have a severity that varies depending on the nature of the accident. And with increased dangers, traumatic brain injury is always a possibility.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic injuries occur whenever the body is struck with a sudden, violent blow. Falls, collisions, and other accidents can lead to trauma wounds and permanent damage. The brain, like any other part of the body, is susceptible to trauma and in many ways is extremely sensitive to it. Any small amount of trauma to the brain might alter a person's physiology for the rest of their life and a significant amount of trauma might possibly result in death. Many brain trauma victims lose the ability to continue working.

Construction Accidents & Brain Trauma
Brain trauma is one of the most debilitating instances of injury on the job, simply because it can result in any number of severe conditions, such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, or paralysis, among others. There are a number of different accidents that can occur at a construction site that might potentially cause brain trauma, and in order to understand what these accidents are, it is also important to understand how brain trauma is caused.

Brain trauma is caused when some direct or indirect force puts pressure on the brain and causes some of the components within the organ to malfunction or stop working. This is most recognizable when one considers things like head-first falls or accidents that occur when a construction worker is hit in the head by falling materials or equipment. Any type of injury that can either directly or indirectly jolt a person's head has the potential to cause brain trauma.

If you believe that the accident was the cause of unsafe working conditions or negligence on the part of your employer, it might be worth your while to look up the possibility of filing a lawsuit against them. Your first step will be to contact a lawyer. Find a personal injury law firm that specializes in construction accidents and has a record of victories and settlements to back them up. Because of the nuance of personal injury law, certain precedents which have been established, and statutes of limitations that determine how long you have to file your suit, you need someone who has an established record of success in this highly specific field. If you can't afford an attorney, look for one who works on a contingency basis. They won't collect fees unless you settle or win your case.

Discussing the situation with a lawyer will have the added benefit of helping you flesh out your situation in your mind, and determine your next steps on the road to recovery.


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