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Construction workers in the nation's capitol are just as vulnerable to a work site injury as in any other state. The construction industry is one of the most hazardous business sectors in the United States. Even if an employer has the best intentions and does everything possible to protect its employees from injury, there will always be an element of danger at a construction site. The incorporation of valid safety practices and preventative measures does not always prove to be successful. Every year, millions of people are injured or harmed, or even killed, due to accidents on a construction site.

Construction has the largest number of workplace fatalities reported for any industry sector. Approximately 6% of United States workers are construction workers, but they account for 20% of workplace fatalities. A whopping 1 out of 10 construction workers is injured every year.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets and enforces standards for workplace safety and health, and most construction employers adhere to those standards or even exceed them. After all, the construction employer doesn't want to lose time or manpower due to accidents. Unfortunately, even the strictest safety precautions do not prevent all accidents from happening. Construction sites are inherently dangerous workplaces. Because of ever-changing conditions, the use of dangerous equipment, vehicles and machinery, and the necessity of performing complex jobs at great heights, in all sorts of conditions, accidents can and frequently do happen.
If you've been injured on or near a construction site, you may have many questions about what you should do. There are several steps that should be taken following any construction site accident, whether you are an employee on the site or simply a passerby who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. First, you need to seek medical attention. Even if you don't feel that your injury is serious, it's important to have yourself checked out nonetheless. If your injury worsens, or if new symptoms develop in the future, it will be good to have a medical examination on your record in order to help establish the workplace accident as a cause of your physical problems.

Next, you need to contact the construction company management, especially if you are an employee. Most construction employers have a specific system in place for reporting accidents. Even if you are not employed by the construction company, but were injured on the site, you should let the company know of the incident.

Last but not least, you should contact a qualified District of Columbia construction accident lawyer. He or she determine liability for your accident and help you determine whether you have a workers' compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. The attorney may be able to find a third party who can be held liable for an accident, even if your compensation is covered under workers' compensation laws. For example, an architect or engineer, or the manufacturer of fault machinery or equipment, could be found to have some responsibility in contributing to your accident.

The lawyer's specialized resources are essential in building a cause for action against any defendant. The evidence gathered medicals records, witness testimony, expert testimony, company finance and background checks all contribute favorably to any injury case, workers' compensation or civil litigation. Construction accident attorneys are able to sift through the events surrounding the accident to find its cause, as well as its liable party. These resources often inspire defendants to negotiate a settlement that benefits the plaintiff. In workers' compensation claims, the attorney can often avoid lengthy proceedings and obtain benefits for the client more quickly.

Although the District of Colombia's workers' compensation system allows for a worker to pursue a claim without an attorney, it is unwise to pursue any injury claim without legal representation. The defendant will always have at least one attorney on his side; therefore the plaintiff should also be represented. To receive the maximum benefit and damages allowed by law, consult an attorney before filing a claim or even talking with the employer's attorney or insurance carrier.

A construction site injury may have resulted in large medical expenses or even death. Contact your District of Columbia construction accident lawyer attorney in order to see if you have a case to file, and start your way to receiving the compensation you deserve.


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