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The Sunshine state is not exempt from the high rate of injuries that occur in and around construction sites. Construction sites, with their heavy machinery, scaffolding, and ever-changing work conditions, can be dangerous places to work. If you've been injured while working on a construction site, you need the expertise of a Florida construction accident attorney to help you navigate the legal system.

Some of the common injuries which can be sustained on a construction site include contusions, concussions, hematomas, brain injuries, sprains, fractures, lacerations, burns, chemical burns, dismemberments and overuse, or repetitive-motion, injuries. These injuries can be caused by the negligence, irresponsibility or intoxication of another worker, by defective machinery, materials or products, by falls, falling loads or collapsing structures.

Even a non-employee can be injured on a construction site, or while passing by one. If materials or construction tools are left on the sidewalk outside of a site, someone can trip over them. Materials can fall or be blown or knocked outside of the site, despite fences and other safety precautions, and injure bystanders or passersby. Airborne toxins could also escape the job site and endanger innocent people in the vicinity.

Most often, accident victims end up filing workers' compensation cases, but some non-employees injured on a job site may choose to either confront the construction company directly or pursue a case on their own in small-claims court. The result is usually a small damage award or the minimum amount of benefits allowed by law. The plaintiffs are easily lost in the litany of legal procedures, allowing the defendant to come away from the process virtually unscathed.

On the other hand, a construction accident attorney has the knowledge and experience to match and surpass that of the attorneys hired by the employer and his insurance company. The plaintiff can count on representation inside the courtroom as his lawyer effectively argues the claim, and outside of the courtroom where his attorney negotiates a settlement that is in the best interest of his client. Having an attorney can be instrumental in winning a compensation package that may include medical expenses for current and future illness, disability, disfigurement, lost wages, the loss of potential wages, pain and suffering.

A personal injury resulting from a construction accident can be referred to as both pedestrian accidents or workers' compensation cases. When someone is injured, whether it be a worker or a pedestrian, legal action can result. Some of the most serious personal injuries are construction accidents. In fact, statistics show there are tens of thousands of accidents which occur on a work site that result in serious injury and wrongful death each year.

If you have been injured in one of these accidents, or if you have lost a loved one due to a construction accident, you need to consult with a construction accident attorney. In evaluating your case, the construction accident attorney utilizes many resources such as investigators, witnesses, expert witnesses, medical records, company financial and background information, and much more. All of these will be important in establishing liability, estimating damages, and building an overall case for the plaintiff's claim. These resources are not easily available to unrepresented plaintiff, who may not even know that such resources exist or who may not have the financial means to pursue them. The attorney may even find third party defendants to pursue.

A Florida construction accident attorney can assist people who have been injured on a construction site. They are adept at not only litigating civil suits, but also handling workers' compensation claims. This attorney works to get the maximum benefits and/or damages available to their client. Consult a personal injury attorney who specializes in construction accidents before you file a claim, to get what is due to you after an accident.


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