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Have you recently experienced an injury due to an accident you sustained on a construction site where you were working? Do you want to file a construction accident claim but do not know how to proceed?

Missouri's construction workers have the unfortunate distinction of getting injured on a more regular basis than those who are employed in other careers within the state of Missouri. In the United States workforce, construction workers account for 20% of work-related fatalities. One in 10 construction workers will be injured this year. If you have become injured, or are the family member of someone who has passed away, due to a construction accident, contact a Missouri construction accident lawyer attorney.

Unfortunately, construction sites offer several opportunities for employees or innocent bystanders to become injured. Often, construction accidents are a result of contact with equipment, strikes from or against foreign objects, overexertion, falls, fires/explosions, assaults, or exposure to harmful chemicals or other substances.

Construction parts and materials cause the most injuries involving outside sources, but falls and contact with equipment make up the other most common injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that falls are the single leading cause of accidents and fatalities in the construction industry. Spurred by rising incidents of job-related falls, many states are getting tougher on construction employers, insisting that companies provide protection for employees exposed to fall hazards.

There has been very good progress in reducing injuries due to falls, which have traditionally been one of the main causes of major and even fatal injuries. However, slips and trips and manual handling injuries are also increasing. Most of those accidents could be easily avoided by effective management of good order issues on sites. In particular sites need to be kept tidy, which is hard work and requires persistence. There needs to be more focus on these areas, while maintaining the progress on falls from height.

Some of the most common construction accidents include sprains and/or strains, bruises, contusions, cuts, lacerations, heat burns, amputations, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, and tendonotis. Although most of these construction accidents are not fatal, they are inconveniences that can lead to long-term unemployment.

Missouri construction workers are strongly urged to seek the aid of an attorney whose specialty is handling such accident cases. By laws set in place in Missouri, the employee of a construction contractor is entitled to a workplace that is void of safety hazards that could cause a direct or indirect injury to them while on a construction site.

With the serious nature of construction accidents, it is very important for a construction employee to be assured that the rights owed to them will be duly honored. The high percentages of injuries sustained by construction workers within the state of Missouri are understandable with the work involved in construction and the varying factors that could contribute to accidents on a work site. Construction accidents, while unfortunate, are more common and almost expected for construction workers and their families to suffer through. Missouri attorneys realize the severity construction injuries pose and strive to achieve the outcome deserved for their client.

A construction accident attorney in the state of Missouri can provide a worker with the legal representation needed to better protect their interests. Because there are intricate variables and information which must be established in a construction accident case, an attorney experienced in handling cases of this nature is more qualified to effectively solidify a client's construction accident case. The pain suffered from your accident is enough. You do not need to deal with the legal pain that handling your construction accident case alone can bring when construction accident attorneys in Missouri are available to help you get the compensation you deserve. You do not have to go through your construction accident case alone. A construction accident attorney in Missouri wants to aid you in your quest for compensation and justice for your injury.


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