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Construction sites present many safety challenges; as a result, accidents and injuries occur daily due to the heavy equipment and machinery, scaffolding, and the danger of falling objects. If you are injured as an employee, you may be eligible to file for workers compensation. If you are injured as an innocent bystander, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit.

There are many competent construction accident lawyers who are familiar with construction sites and the safety issues involved. As an employee working on a construction site, you should be covered by the workers' compensation policy purchased by your employer. It is important that you report the accident to your supervisor immediately, unless you are unable to due to serious injury. Even if you are hospitalized, you should fill out paperwork there and then inform your employer as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that OSHA regulates the safety procedures which must be followed on a construction site, accidents can and do still take place, and workers can still suffer a personal injury or even die due to an unexpected construction accident. Toxic materials can contaminate the air around you, and heavy loads are constantly being moved around.

In the legal industry the term construction accident is mostly referred to as a personal injury. A personal injury resulting from a construction accident can be referred to both pedestrian accidents or workers compensation cases. When someone is injured whether it be that of a worker or a pedestrian legal action can oftentimes taken. Some of the most serious personal injuries are that of construction accidents. In facts statistics show there are tens of thousands of accidents which occur on a work site that result in serious injury and wrongful death each year. These types of injuries can result in dismemberment, broken bones or head, neck and back injuries.

Your next call, if your injury appears to be serious, should be to an attorney who specializes in construction accidents. Simple injuries can usually be handled on your own, as the insurance company will likely not fight these claims. Any injury that may entail long-term consequences, such as future medical care, lost wages, or even the inability to return to work, should be handled by a lawyer. A Rhode Island construction accident attorney will aid you from beginning to end in your filing of a claim.

Soon after an accident, you may be contacted by an insurance claims adjuster, attempting to get you to make a statement. Bear in mind that these adjusters' aim is to deny part or all of your claim so they can save their company money. Once you have hired a construction accident lawyer who handles workers' compensation you no longer need to deal with the insurance company. Your attorney will handle all the communication with them and the Industrial Commission in Rhode Island.

Persons injured on construction sites who are not employees need to contact a lawyer immediately. They may have a personal injury lawsuit, but these require proof. The sooner that proof can be gathered, the better. The longer you take, the harder it becomes to prove that your injury was work-related.

Make sure any attorney you hire is a member of the Rhode Island Bar Association and the American Bar Association and that all payment arrangements are included in your signed agreement. They are experts who will know from the facts you provide who is at fault. These professional attorneys know how to represent a construction worker, or an innocent by-stander, who has been the victim of injury. A Rhode Island construction accident lawyer attorney will aid you in your fight for full compensation for your pain and suffering.


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