Scaffolding Accidents

There are a number of different risks faced by people who work in construction. Dangerous equipment and unstable work environments are things workers must deal with on a daily basis. One of the most important tools for construction is the use of scaffolding. Without it, workers would not be able to do many of their tasks, and buildings would never be built. However, scaffolding is a very dangerous construction tool. According to OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration), close to 2.3 million construction employees work on scaffolding on a regular basis, and approximately 4,500 construction workers suffer serious and often fatal injuries each year due to scaffolding accidents. In spite of huge sums of money invested by companies into training their employees and teaching them all about safety, there are still thousands of accidents happening each year. It is unfortunate that most accidents are either caused by a worker's carelessness or by the negligence of the employer.

What are scaffolding accidents?
A scaffold is a device used in a number of different professions, but in most cases you will find construction workers working on them on a regular basis. Scaffolding is a temporary frame used to support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures. It is usually a system of metal pipes and platforms that allows workers access to an area without the need of a ladder. Scaffolding is often constructed as a temporary measure for a larger construction project that is done on the outside of a building. Because of it's temporary nature, scaffolding is built in an unfixed location, resulting in a wobbly structure.

Another common type of scaffold is one used by painters or window washers, and is a device that is suspended from the top of a building by ropes or wires. It is moved up and down by a motor or pulley system, and is too often shaky and unstable, resulting in a number of falls, injuries and fatalities each year.

Workers are subjected to many hazards associated with working on scaffolds, including falls from elevation without proper protection; collapse caused by instability or overloading; the risk of being struck by falling tools, work materials, or debris; and electrocution due to proximity of the scaffold to overhead power lines.

What can I do to prevent scaffolding accidents?
One of the best methods of preventing scaffolding accidents from actually occurring is to understand how they could potentially happen, and how they might end up happening to you if someone is not careful. In the end, it can make the difference between being injured or remaining accident-free.

There are a number of different things that you can do in order to prevent scaffolding accidents from happening, and it should all be done before even getting on the equipment. Check the scaffolding for stability, proximity to wires, and to see where other people are located on it. Look for any weaknesses or breaks and make sure that the overall structure of the scaffold is intact. Your goal should be to do everything that you can in order to prevent the accident from happening in the first place.

What should I do if I am involved in a scaffolding accident?
If you have been in a scaffolding accident or are a family member of someone who has, there are some steps you can take to recover lost wages or livelihood if the accident was a result of employer negligence. The best thing you can do is to contact a lawyer who specializes in construction-related injury compensation. He or she will know what processes and steps to take to get evidence and how to bring the lawsuit to court. Find a lawyer you can trust and afford, and discuss the situation with them in more detail. You have a right to compensation if you have been seriously injured at the fault of your employer. A lawyer can help you and your family achieve the security you need, especially if you are so injured that you will never be able to work again. Do yourself and your family a favor and get the help you need today.


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